Accommodations in Kibale National Park

Accommodation in Kibale National Park

Accommodations in Kibale National Park are really amazing with amazing scenic views of wildlife, nature and different physical features. Accommodation issues are solved for your kibale national park safaris any time in the year. Kibale national park is served with a wide range of accommodation facilities ranging from budget to luxury safari lodges, hotels, bandas, and campsites. The accommodation facilities in kibale national park are all situated in very scenic places with spectacular views of mountain Rwenzori and kibale forest. Some of the accommodation facilities are located inside kibale forest and the others along with the fringe of Kibale national park, however, you can find hotels in fort portal, the only nearby town to Kibale national park.

Budget Accommodation

Kibale national park is one of the protected area with excellent accommodation facilities that provide standard services to make your stay a memorable one. The budget accommodation in kibale national park provide standard services in tranquil areas, they include;

Rwenzori guest house is a spectacular budget accommodation in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park located in a strategic place with the view of mountain Rwenzori. The guest house was started by the Dutch people a few years ago, the architecture in the lodge will make you think about Europe. It was designed by a Swiss architect. Rwenzori view guest house is located near fort portal town and offers the best serenity to revamp your mind during your vacation in kibale national park.

Nyankuruba nature reserve and community campsite are located at the rim of the famous Crater Lake called Nkuruba. It is closest to kibale national park, the hub of chimpanzee trekking safaris in Uganda. Nkuruba nature reserve and community campsite is an eco-tourism project and the money got from the visitors who camp here is used to revamp the livelihood of the people within the vicinity. All the six bandas at Nkuruba nature reserve and campsite have a spectacular view of the Rwenzori Mountains. The location of the lodge makes it the best budget accommodation as it is located on the top of the hill.

Nyabulitwa country resort and safari camp is situated in the nearest comfort of kibale forest. It is located in about 2km from fort portal town just on the fringe of Kibale national park. The accommodation facilities are budget and basic to allow you to enjoy a planned budget primate safari in Kibale national park.

Midrange accommodation

The midrange accommodation is also called the semi-luxury accommodation type that allows you to enjoy an average vacation. The midrange accommodation in kibale national park is slightly different from the luxury since all the facilities have a touch of value. The mid-range accommodation facilities in kibale national park include the following;

Chimps nest is among the midrange accommodation facilities in kibale national park. It is located on the fringe of kibale forest and possesses the view of mountain Rwenzori. Chimps nest is located between bigodi Swamp and nkuringo in a village called Nyabubale. It is just 15 kilometers to Kanyanchu, the starting point for chimpanzee trekking in kibale national park. It has self-contained cottages and family units located in a tranquil environment.

Chimpanzee forest guest house is located along Kamwenge road, just about 23km from fort portal town. It is located in the vicinity of the lustrous tea plantation of Isuga, on a raised altitude that offers a good view of kibale forest. The breeze from the low lands makes the area tranquil for a relaxing vacation in kibale national park.

Kibale forest camp is another mid-range accommodation facility where you can reside during your safari to kibale national park. It offers standard accommodation services to meet the value for money of the guests. Kibale forest camp is located of the edge of kibale national park and offers accommodation in 10 spacious tents located in the lush forest of kibale. The tents give a real African experience to the visitors that add on their kibale national park safari experience.

Mountains of the moon hotel is also a midrange facility for accommodation. It offers standard accommodation outside kibale national park. It is located in about 26km before kibale national park. The lodge offers accommodation on about 33 rooms which include, deluxe rooms, double rooms, singles, single standard rooms, suites, superior double rooms, and twin rooms. Therefore, you have a wide range of items to choose from.

Luxury accommodation

Ndali kasenda is one of the upmarket accommodation facilities or luxury lodges found in kibale national park. ndali kasenda lodge is reached in a just a 5hours drive over a distance of 300km from Kampala, Uganda’s capital, to fort portal. From fort portal, ndali lodge is located at a distance of about 11km to the kibale national park. Just as the name suggests, ndali lodge is found in the spectacular ndali kasenda crater field in kibale national park. It is situated near the tranquil crater lake called nyinambuga.

Primate Lodge is another luxury accommodation. It is found near the boundaries of kibale national park, in the east, at kanyanchu visitor center. Primate Lodge is an eco-friendly accommodation facility that offers 8 superior cottages including one treehouse and seven spacious forest cottages full of tranquility plus a blissful camping ground. Primate Lodge was built using the local raw materials like logs from the forest and it is supplied with solar and Wi-Fi in all rooms and public areas.

Other lodges in kibale include kyaninga lodge which is a luxury accommodation situated at a back drop of the magnificent Rwenzori mountain. It offers a modern restaurant and bar on-site and a tranquil swimming pool.  Papaya lake lodge is another lodge located in the crater field of kibale called ndali kasenda crater field, thus providing the facility with the tranquility to relax you during your stay.

You have a number of accommodation options to choose from during your visit in kibale national park. All the accommodation facilities are located in spectacular environments with the best views of the forest, Ruwenzori Mountain and the surrounding features. You can book any lodge of your choice with the help of a tour operator to avoid disappointments. We wish you a safe stay in kibale national park.

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