All About Kibale

All About Kibale National Park

All About Kibale National Park : Kibale national park is found in Kamwenge and kabarole district to the south of Fort  portal town in western part of Uganda . Kibale forest national park is an ever green rainforest with tall trees forming a dark green canopy over the head while the ground is covered by the fallen vegetation.

The park is the home of Chimpanzees with 25% of Primates for Chimpanzee tracking and habituation activities. Kibale National Park was gazette in 1932 and established in 1993to protect large of the forest, covering the total area of 766 Kilometers squared in size ranges between 1,100m and 1,600meters elevation.

How to get there; you can be in Kibale forest national park either by tour agent/company or self- drive. It takes approximately 5-6 hour’s drive (340km) from Kampala /Entebbe international airport via  Kampala- Fort portal  highway (Tarmac road) then 1-2 hours flight from Entebbe international airport to Kasese airstrip using Aerolink or bar aviation. The park can be accessed using different gates.

Kibale national  forest park has many different attractions and activities (Please note that each activity in the park is paid for) include;

Chimpanzee Tracking in Kibale forest national park;  This is walking through the jungle of forest in search of chimpanzees in order to be able to get the glimpse of fascinating primates swinging on the tree branches .It takes 2- 3 hours depending on the location of the chimpanzees and on finding them ,visitors are limited to only an hour in the presence of the primates  . For one to Track chimpanzees  has to be charged 200 usd per person Non foreign residents and 150usd per adult foreign residents  and 150,000 UGX per adult  and Children below 12 years of age are not allowed to track the primates.

All About Kibale
Chimpanzee Tracking In Kibale

Chimpanzee habituation experience; This the process of training the primates to get used of being around the human being and preparing them to be tracked (To remove fear from chimpanzees). The Trackers are allowed to stay with Chimpanzee the whole day . It takes 2-3 years to be completely habituated.  The habituation experience is only done in Kibale Forest national park The habituation permit is at 250 usd per person Non foreign residents and 200usd per adult foreign residents and 250,000 UGX per adult and Children below 12 years of age are not allowed to track the primates. Both Chimpanzee Tracking and habituation is done throughout the year. December to February and June &July are the best months since are the driest month for activity.

Birding /Bird watching in Kibale national park especially for bird lovers since the park has over 370 species of birds of which 60% are recorded forest birds. The best time for birding in Kibale national park is from March to May , then From September to November which are rainy months when fruits and food are plenty in the forest.  Some of the birds include;  Great Blue Turacco, Green breasted pitta, African pitta, Abyssinian ground thrust, Crowned Eagle, Black Capped apalis, Collared apalis among others

Cultural visits in the local village where tourists are entertained with traditional local dances participating in process of making crafts for sale. You explore the Batwa Culture that lived in the forest with the primates.

Kibale forest  national park has different categories of lodging/accommodation inside and outside with budget option, mid- range and luxury that meets guests choices.

Budget lodges in Kibale forest national park include;  Rwetera campsite , lake Nyamilima cottages, Isunga lodge , Jungle lodge Kibale,  Kibale forest lodge , Kibale forest camp among others.

Mid- range lodges include;  Guereza lodge , Chimpanzee forest lodge , Kibale forest cottages,  Turraco tree tops lodge , Rubalika lodge , Chimpanzee capital lodge  among others.

Luxury lodges includes; Primates lodge under Uganda lodges, Kyaninga lodge , Ndali lodge , Crater safari lodge , Chimpundu lodge , papaya  lodge

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