Amabere Ga Nyina Mwiru

Amabere Ga Nyina Mwiru Caves

Amabere ga nyina mwiru caves are a conspicuous site full of historical stories which some people take as facts. The caves are a strong base for the history of Tooro Kingdom. In reality, the amabere caves are just a formation of stalactites with dripping lime water which resembles milk. From the rutooro translation, amabere ga nyina mwiru means breasts of nyina mwiru.

Amabere ga nyina mwiru caves are found on the outskirts fort portal town about 10km near Nyakasura School. The story attached to the amabere ga nyina mwiru caves are such a thrilling one and catchy, that you would wish to believe it if at all it was based on true facts. However, it is a legend or folklore for many years ago attached to the first kings of the chwezi dynasty in which Tooro kingdom sprung out from.

It is believed that the ancient king of the bachwezi dynasty called Bukuku had a daughter he called nyina mwiru. One day, the king’s prophet prophecised to him that his daughter would give birth to a son called ndahura and he would turn into a king. The furious father, king Bukuku, cut off his daughter, nya mwiru’s breasts and he threw them inside this cave. Despite the bukuku’s endeavors, nyina mwiru, got pregnant and gave birth to ndahura who later took over the kingdom, proving the prophecy true. And from this story, the caves got their current name, amebere ga nyina mwiru.

However, in reality, the amabere ga nyina mwiru is a geochemical activity caused when a calcium carbonate rock or a lime rock mixes with water. The reaction between the lime rock and water form a white like lime water which is perceived to be breast milk by the people who believe in the old-time legend about the Chwezi dynasty of gods.

Amabere ga nyina mwiru caves are covered with shrubs that sometimes you may not find them on spot. The bushy shrubs make the caves look like a thick bush despite the rich history beneath the green. However, the swashing noise made by the waterfall on the cave entrance will attract you to go beyond. The falls make Amabere caves very beautiful and similar to some cave falls in the Amazon.

The cave is covered with strong rope like climbing plants that seem to be covering the cave as if it is a home for some early man. However, when you take time to explore the caves, you will find a lot more interesting new things such as birds that tweet from inside the cave. The breast like structures are breathtaking and try to explain the reason as to why it is called amabere ga nyina mwiru. You can also spot a number of snakes crawling around the stalagmites in the cave. The roof of the cave is a resting place for bats and probably is the reason for the presence of the reptiles.

Amabere ga nyina mwiru cave is strategically located in a reach environment blessed with three magnificent crater lakes including Lake Saka. It is quite an interesting exercise to hike up Nyakasura hill and to the crater lakes. You can also have a picnic with your friends and the top of the hill. The cave resurrects the culture and put nature to life for just a few minutes you will spend with your local tour guide.

As if amabere ga nyina mwiru is not enough to drop your jaws, the Kigere Lake will trigger your love to learn more about the cultures in the area. It is said that the lake was created from a footprint of one of the gods of the Bachwezi dynasty. The view of the lake real resembles a giant footprint, so it’s your turn to learn more about that history during your visit to the caves in western Uganda.

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