Aruu falls

Aruu falls is a beautiful natural fall that is found at the heart of northern Uganda in Pader district. It is approximately 388.1km from Kampala the capital city of Uganda along Gulu Kitgum Highway. Aruu is also known as the Acholi peoples Gem as it is one of the outstanding tourist attractions in the region. This fall is surrounded by beautiful sceneries, lush vegetation, and a serene surrounding environment that is filled with the relaxing sounds of the water falls and the birds that are singing sweetly at the forests around Aruu falls.

Tourist activities that take place at Aruu falls.

 Hiking; The rocks at Aruu falls offer a great opportunity to hike from the bottom of    the water fall to the top. These rocks are neither too tall nor too short and are spread around the falls which makes it possible for one to hike throughout the falls while enjoying the beautiful sceneries and lush vegetation that surrounds Aruu falls. While on a Uganda waterfall safari/ tour on Aruu falls Hiking can be one of the most thrilling activity one can engage in however one has to consider having the aid of a local tour guide in order to direct you and be in position to assist in case of a slip while hiking. Hiking can be done in a group or individually it depends on the tourist’s preference.

Community encounter; Aruu falls is indeed blessed with a beautiful and rich community. The people who live around Aruu falls are the Acholi and Langi people of northern Uganda. These people have beautiful handmade crafts, a rich traditional dance known as Lara karaka, nice traditional songs and traditional stories especially of their two great ancestors Gipir and Labong. The Acholi are very hospitable people and this can enable one to interact with them and get to know their day-to-day ways of living learn a few words in Acholi language and this shall indeed make ones Uganda cultural tour at Aruu falls indeed Euphoric.

Swimming; One can take a refreshing and relaxing swim below the waters of Aruu falls and get a chance to sun bath, relax and connect with nature. one can also get an opportunity to take beautiful pictures while swimming. Remember Swimming should be done in the presence of a guide and not to be done out of the designated boundary for safety purposes. While on a Uganda safari at Aruu falls in Pader one can carry out swimming to refresh.

Nature walks; There are many trails that pass through the different lush vegetation around aruu falls. This gives an opportunity for a tourist to move through the different parts of the falls and get an opportunity to get beautiful sceneries around the falls, the low hills, birds singing sweetly and a tourist can also be able to connect with nature and relax while hearing the therapeutic sounds of the water fall. a tourist who is physically fit may choose to opt for a nature walk while on a Uganda water fall safari / tour at Aruu falls.

Aruu falls
Aruu falls

Photography; Aruu falls spread beautifully offering one of the great photography opportunities. Right from the beautiful falls, the rocks and the lush vegetation, the hills and not forgetting the monkeys and birds that are around this fall. One is intrigued to carry a good camera with great focus and try taking pictures at different angles to get the best spot. Photography at Aruu falls however is very great especially in periods during and after sunrise, in the afternoon and early evening hours as during these times the lighting is warm and lively and one is able to acquire beautiful and stunning images and every angle that a tourist can use as a souvenir when he or she get backs home. It is also important to note that one can always seek for assistance from a local tour guide when they are in need a person to help capture them a nice picture. Remember Ugandans are one of the most hospitable people in Africa.

Bird watching; Aruu falls are filled with diverse bird species that usually camp around the falls and hang around the luah vegetation singing sweetly and drinking water around the calm parts of the falls. These birds would indeed fulfil a birders experience. Aruu falls is blessed with many bird’s species such as; Cormorants, storks, stone chat birds, weaver birds and all the Nile River bird varieties can be found at Aruu falls which in deed makes a tourists Uganda birding safari at Aruu falls in Pader indeed wonderful great and memorable.

The best time to visit Aruu falls is during the dry months of the year which include January, February, June, July, August and December. However, the weather in Northern Uganda is usually warm making it possible to visit Aruu falls throughout the Year.

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