Accommodations in Kibale National Park

Best Accommodation In Kibale National Park

Best Accommodation In Kibale National Park : Kibale national is an amazing destination to travel to while on a safari in Uganda because it is surrounded with beautiful scenery of wonderful nature, large population of wildlife species and many physical features among others. In addition, in Kibale national park there are varieties of many accommodation facilities where tourists can have their stay after a long day touring around different areas in the park. However, these accommodation facilities are ranged and put in different classes such as; budget, mid-range and luxury hence which gives individuals chances to choose where they would prefer to stay according to their preferences and where it matches with their budget. more so, the accommodation facilities within Kibale National Park are situated in areas with spectacular views with a cool environment which makes the guests to  wake up to a cool environment of the birds singing in the sky and therefore, some of the lodging facilities include the following below;

Budget accommodation facilities.

Nyabulitwa country resort and safari camp.

This safari lodge is situated in a distance of about 2 kilometers away from Fort portal town hence, which makes it easily accessed by many people and it, was usually preferred because it is ranged as a budget accommodation facility and this makes it fit in many people’s budgets.

Nyankuruba community campsite.

Nyankuruba nature reserve campsite is situated close to the famous crater lake which is famously known crater lake which is named Nkuruba and tourists who choose to stay at this camp site always wake up to beautiful views of the Rwenzori mountains. More so, this nature reserve is famously know as an eco-tourism project and it has contributed a lot towards the development of the neighbouring communities because the money that guests pay is used to revamp the people within the vicinity in order to improve their lives.

Rwenzori guesthouse.

Rwenzori guest house is known to have been started up by the Dutch people and the construction of this safari lodge will make one think they are in Europe due to the fact that it was well constructed by the swiss architect and it can be easily accessed because it situated near fort portal town and it is surrounded with a wonderful nature and choosing to stay at this lodge gives chances a wonderful stay during your vacation.

Mid-range Accommodation facilities.

Chimpanzees forest guest house.

The chimpanzee forest guest house is situated in a distance of about 23 kilometers away from the fort portal town. More so, this guest house is found in between the plantain of Isuga and guests who stay here wake up to beautiful views of Kibale forest as they enjoy the cool breeze of the surrounding atmosphere.

Best Accommodation In Kibale National Park
Chimpanzees forest guest house

Chimps nest.

Chimps nest is located in between bigodi swamp and Nkuringo village, which is commonly referred to as Nyabubale. More so, it is situated in a distance of about 15 kilometers from Kanyanchu, which is also considered as the starting point for all the chimpanzee activities that take place within the park, and a tranquil environment is surrounding it.

More so, individuals can also choose to stay at kibale forest camp which is ranged as a mid-range lodging facility which has around 10 tents and it is situated in the middle of the lush forest within the park and guests can opt to have their stay at mountains of the moon hotel which has around 33 rooms that are categorized different whereby some of them are; twin rooms, double rooms, standard rooms, single rooms, suites, deluxe rooms and many others.

Luxury accommodation facility.

There are several lodging facilities, which are being ranged as luxury, and some of these include; Ndali kasenda is located in a distance of about 11 kilometers from the park and it close to a stunning waterbody, which is a crater lake, named as Nyinambuga. Alternatively, tourists can stay at primate lodge has offers its guests with good facilities and services such as; free WI-FI, laundry and ironing services and many others. In addition, there are more luxury lodges where people can stay such as; Papaya Lake lodge, Rwenzori Mountain and many others.

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