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Best Lodges In Fort Portal

Best Lodges In Fort Portal :  Fort portal is located in the Western region of Uganda in Kabarole district which well known as Toro kingdom. Fort portal is famously known as a tourist city that has so many attractions that lead to large numbers of people to travel from all over different parts of the world within an aim of touring around due to the fact this place is surrounded with rolling hills which many individuals always engage in to hike up to the top and also trek where they gain and learn new experiences. Fort portal also has a green lush vegetation, stunning Nyamiska waterfalls which is considered to be one of the most popular trails and individuals can also choose to hike to the Amabere Caves which appear to be in many ancient Ugandan folklore trails, Bigodi wetlands sanctuary, Lake Nkuruba which is known as a nature reserve, Tooro Botanical gardens where they get chances to sight see at beautiful plant species and capture classic views of the Kihingami wetlands.

More so, Fort portal is known to have been named after the British consul General of Zanzibar who was named as Sir Gerald Portal and it was constructed in 1800s with an aim of protecting the Tooro Kingdom from Kabalega of Bunyoro and his president guerrilla raids.  However, tourists who would to explore within Fort portal should also note that there are so many affordable and comfortable accommodation facilities where they can have their stay. Therefore, some of these lodging facilities include;

Best Lodges In Fort Portal : Aramaga rift valley lodge.

Aramaga Rift valley lodge is one of the best lodging facilities found in fort portal and it is located along the ridge of the rift valley, which is about 10 kilometers away from the west. Staying at this safari lodge grants you with great opportunities to capture classic views of the beautiful Rwenzori Mountains and Semuliki wildlife reserve. More so, Aramaga rift valley lodge has sleeping pods, which appear to be floating in space, and they are always double rooms, which contain an en-suite bathroom, which has both cold and warm showers, flushing toilets, which have free toiletries, French double bed, a desk, a bench. However, there is a moonshoot which is known to be the largest sleeping pod and it contains one king size bed, two beds and a living room where they usually sit and relax. This safari lodge has a bathtub on the rooftop and the guests who choose to stay at this lodge are always provided with many facilities such as; a swimming pool where individuals who have the best swimming kills always go to swim as they relax and cool off their hot long day, the fire rings which facilitate around 10 guests when the weather always tends to be too cold, the Bali swing and the shelf areas where food and drinks are always served.

Best Lodges In Fort Portal : Kyaninga safari lodge.

Kyaninga safari lodge is a good a lodging facility found within fort portal and it well constructed and designed with good natural materials and it contains an en-suite bathroom which has both warm and cold showers, clean and big towels, bath tubs, linen services, wardrobes where guests always keep and arrange their clothes, mosquito nets which protect the guests from suffering from diseases like malaria, free WI-FI, bottled water in order to keep dehydrated among others. more so, Kyaninga safari lodge provides its guests with good services like; a 24 hour room service which helps visitors to be attended to in case they need of any services, a 24 hour tight security where they ensure the safety of the guests, free breakfast which is always served within their rooms, free parking, and laundry and ironing services.

Best Lodges In Fort Portal : Crater safari lodge.

Best Lodges In Fort Portal
Crater Lodge

Crater safari lodge is a comfortable safari lodge which offers its guests with a number of facilities such as; a family room, sauna and spa, a restaurant which provides its guests with delicious meals which are either local or international, the golf course which is about 3 kilometers away from the safari lodge, a well-stocked bar that has many drinks such as; liquor, spirits, cocktails and other soft drinks such as; water, juice and soda and many others. it also has a well-equipped gym and Crater safari lodge also offers its guests with many services like; free WI-FI which is always available and helps individual to keep clear communications with their people back at home, laundry and ironing services, free breakfast which is always served in the rooms, free parking, good air conditioning, first aid kits in case any of the guests gets an injury and many others.

However, apart from the mentioned above lodges, there are many other accommodation facilities where individuals exploring around fort portal can always have their stay and some of these include; Aramaga rift valley lodge, Chimpundu safari lodge, Kibale safari lodge,Rweteera safari park, Bella Vista lodge, Rubalika safari lodge, Ndali lodge and many others.

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