Best Time To Visit Kibale National Park

Best Time to Visit Kibale National Park

Best Time to Visit Kibale National Park is the set of months where its convenient for a traveler to go for Kibale Safaris. Kibale national park is open all through the year and just like any other protected area in Uganda; you can book for your Kibale national park safaris any tie of the year. Despite this, there is the best time to visit kibale national park for activities such as chimpanzee trekking, birding, nature walks, crater lakes safaris, community walks, and chimpanzee habituation among others. The best time to visit kibale national park is also sometimes defined by the type of activity of your choice.

The best season for many Kibale park activities it the dry season. The dry season in Uganda is the peak tourism season; there are always two dry seasons & though they are not so definite as the seasons in Europe, that is, you have to expect a drastic change in the weather any time of the day. The dry season is experienced in December through January to February and then resumes again from June to July. The dry season is the best time to visit Kibale national park, because it finds all the park trails dry and passable making chimpanzee trekking thrilling and easier to do. The forest is also clearer in the dry season which makes it easy to sight different primates playing in the trees.

June through September is the actual peak of tourism in kibale national park and other national parks in Uganda; it is called the high season for tourism. During this season, Uganda receives a lot of visitors mainly coming for primate trekking, but majorly mountain gorilla trekking in Bwindi impenetrable national park, however, gorilla trekking walks hand in hand with chimpanzee trekking, so kibale being best chimpanzee trekking destination in east Africa, it also receives a lot of visitor in the months of June and September.

The best weather is also received in the dry season mainly in the months of June through July and December through January to February. Being a dry season doesn’t mean that the temperatures are going be so high. Kibale national park has almost unique temperatures throughout the year with an average temperature of about 27°C. To note, in the dry season you can also experience some rainfall most especially mild showers that last for about 10-15 minutes and afternoon drizzles may interrupt some activities like hiking and bigodi swamp walk. However, this is Africa and the rainfall is always expected despite the season of the year.

The wet season in kibale national park is experienced in March through April to May and from October to November. These are the two rainfall peaks that are experienced in Uganda and other areas that experience the equatorial type of climate. Much rain is received in May and November, this is the worst time to visit kibale national park. Too much rainfall in kibale national park makes the trails in the forest impassable and very slippery. Also, some lodges close up in the wet season; this is because there are always low visitor counts in kibale national park.

However, the wet season in kibale national park is the best season for birding in the bigodi wetland sanctuary. During November, you can have a chance to spot the migratory birds in kibale national park.  Also, the wet season is the best season for chimpanzee habituation research since the park is free of too many visitors, so the chimpanzee habituation process can be done with ease. Despite the emptiness of kibale national park during the wet season, other lodges that stay open in this season tend to discount their room rates in order to attract guests. Also in the wet season, you can easily make your budget safari to kibale national park and other national parks in Uganda. The Uganda wildlife authority tends to cut trim the prices for the activities in the national parks, including kibale national park. This is done to maximize visitor inflow into the country despite the season of the year.

The dry season is the best season for many activities in kibale national park like chimpanzee trekking, hiking, Crater Lake safaris; nature walks, camping, among others. However, the wet season is beautiful and unique in its special way; it finds kibale national park free for chimpanzee habituation a more intimate interaction with the chimpanzees for research purposes. The ball is in your hands to choose when to visit kibale national park, but it is always open throughout the year and ready to receive you any time.

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