Bugoma Jungle Lodge

Bugoma Jungle Lodge is positioned 5 kilometers off Kabwoya trading center, along Hoima Kagadi Road ,40 kilometer South of Hoima. The lodge is an excellent stopover for lunch on route between Murchison Falls National Park and Kibale National Park ‘Fort portal’.

The lodge is found in Bugoma Forest protected reserve, you can enjoy beautiful nature walks where you can see various endemic Ugandan mangabeys, white and black monkeys as well as birds, it is known as the best birding destination and other primates can be seen around the lodge.

Bugoma Jungle Lodge is eco-friendly Tented Camp, with raised en-suite wooden deck cottages, grass thatched roof and comfortable tents. The main building has the restaurant that serves delicious foods and the upper floor panoramic open verandas is surrounded by the sounds of nature.

The lodge has 5 private en-suite raised mixed tent cottages, grass thatched, all self- contained with annexed bathroom. Rooms are categorized into Queen, twin, single and triple room setting.

Facilities at Bugoma Jungle Lodge –Kibale National Park

Comfortable sitting chairs and table

Reading desk and reading light

Luggage rack


Refillable drinking water bottle

Laundry bag and basket

Electricity sockets for light power use ‘’charging phones and cameras

Standby generator

Free Wi-Fi

Rooms are equipped with sockets for light and charging of batteries.

There is camp fire and bush breakfast that offers visitors a great opportunity to feel the power nature.

Hair dryer is available but on request

Activities to do at Bugoma Jungle Lodge –Kibale Forest National Park

Travel Experience; Enjoy sundowner in the jungle as you connect to the wilderness. While at visit, you can go for village walk and be able to learn about economic activities and culture while interacting with the people.

Uganda Mangabey Nature Walk

The one who engages in Uganda Mangabey nature walk is supporting this eco-tourism in Bugoma Forest, which is an objective to protect this endangered primate and its forest habitat. Briefing is done at Bugoma Jungle Lodge and guests walk directly through the forest trails opposite the lodge. Nature walk here is the most memorable experience tourists come to hear the sweet calls and characteristic sounds of mangabeys.

Planting A tree

This is a great offer to travelers who love travel experience like planting an indigenous typical tree in the area under reforestation of 5 acres. This project was launched in 2021 with the objective to reforest a minimum of 100 acres of land, thereafter by reforesting.  It’s a kind of restoration of chimpanzee’s habitat.

Bugoma Jungle Lodge Loop Trail

While staying at Bugoma, in your free time you can go for a guided loop trail which is available of free of charge at the lodge, the experience is done following the trail along the private forest of the lodge. However, the trail walk goes through thick forest and a small swamp.

 This activity offers a great chance to sight see primates, which are here regularly inhabitants ‘’including the Uganda Mangabey’’ as well as numerous bird species like the rare endangered Grey Parrot and Nahan’s Francolin which is a red listed classified species of Bugoma habitat.

Bugoma Jungle Lodge
Bugoma Jungle Lodge

Community walk

This is an exciting travel experience that the lodge organizes in the game park of Queen Elizabeth. Visitors here enjoy can enjoy an hour sundowner over the sprawling savannah as they relax in a set of chairs while having drinks and snacks. Note; The full package with service is provided by the lodge while visitors pay the entrance to the park. The service includes snacks, drinks but excludes transport and entry fee to the national park.

Visit the projects of association for conservation of Bugoma Forest;

This activity allows guests to go visit and appreciate the various conservation projects of ‘’ACBF’’. You will visit;

The public nursery of indigenous species supporting afforestation projects and agro-forestry for the farmers.

Birding Walk

While staying at Bugoma Jungle, you can go guided birding walks as you follow the trails of the community village walks as well as the internal loop trail. The lodge has a skilled guide who helps visitors in spotting the typical birds of the area and follow the birding check list of Bugoma Forest.

Other activities to do in Kibale National Park includes; Chimpanzee Trekking, Visit Bigondi Swamp Area, Habituation experience.

Getting to Bugoma Jungle Lodge;

Bugoma Jungle Lodge lies in Bugoma Forest reserve – follow the road for 5 kilometers off Kabwoya trading center, along the Hoima-Kagadi Road and 40 kilometers south of Hoima ‘’only 30minutes drive’’.

Before you make bookings first note this;

Children services; Children below 3 years are for free of charge –between 3 and 12 years. They pay 50% of adult’s rate when sharing a room. Then 12years and above pay the same rate as the adult.

All in all, Bugoma Jungle Lodge is a perfect stop over for lunch, accommodation and travel experiences en route between Murchison Falls Park and Kibale National Park /Fort portal town.

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