Chimpanzee Forest Guest House

Chimpanzee Forest Guest House

Chimpanzee Forest Guest House is Located on the fringe edge of kibale national park & is the real deal accommodation facility for you, your family and friends during your visit to kibale national park. Chimpanzee forest guest house was formerly constructed to be a resident for the British colonial officer in 1959 & this was during the colonial period in Uganda.  However, chimpanzee forest guest house was innovated and turned into a guest house in 2003.

Fact being with an ancient attachment, the lounge of chimpanzee forest guest house is kissed with the past. The lounge is featured with the excellent and uniquely selected collection of colonial African literature from years ago  and the architecture of the facility, is away to take you back to the old colonial times.

Chimpanzee forest guest lodge offers a restaurant, a bar and a spacious lounge on site. You can unwind your evening in the cozy lobby as you take small gallops of your favorite drink. The restaurant prepares both local and continental breakfast at a free cost for the in house guests. You can also get a chance to taste some of the local fruits such as jackfruit, pineapples and others. The visitors to chimpanzee forest guest house can enjoy quite a range of complimentary breakfast items each morning. Plus other meals are all marked with a true African dietitian art.

Chimpanzee forest guest house has a full time front desk service, so you can check in at any time, you can also inquire about anything at any time. This is aimed at making your stay at chimpanzee forest guest house a memorable one and a relaxing. Chimpanzee has free wifi supply in every corner of the lounge, restaurant and the bar; therefore, you can do all your online work during your vacation as well.


There are seven (7) spacious cottages at chimpanzee forest guest house and they are all supplied with wifi. They also have enough seating area with a rainfall shade. The cottages are constructed facing the primate capital of the world, kibale national park; the view are spectacular, especially in the evening when the sun seem to be like setting down on the verdant tropical rain forest of kibale national park. The rooms are also fully furnished and self-contained with worm bath facilities in each. The view passes beyond kibale forest to the rwenzori mountain ranges; it is quite spectacular in the morning and evening when the forest gets covered with a misty cloud in the cold morning.

Other facilities at Chimpanzee Forest Guest House

Chimpanzee Forest Guest House has a verdant garden with relaxing serenity and tranquility. You can choose to enjoy your evening out in the gardens with your friends or partner as the cool breeze of the forest. The staff is trained to give you the best services; they are friendly and welcoming. The staff is ready to offer you room services as requested from the front desk & sometimes the room service is set for specific periods of time.

Nearby places of interest

Chimpanzee forest guest house is situated in the area surrounded with wondrous natural attractions such as, nyabikere crater lake (one of the ndali kasenda craters) just a 1 hour drive away from the lodge, bigodi wetland sanctuary is the nearest to the guest house and is just 8 minutes to dive to bigodi wetland sanctuary.  The rwenzori art center is another interesting place you can easily reach when at chimpanzee forest guest house; it is just a 1hr drive from the guest house. Kasese airport is also among the nearby places of chimpanzee forest guest house. Not forgetting Chimpanzee trekking as you stay at Chimpanzee Guest House.


When at chimpanzee forest guest house in kibale national park, you can enjoy activities like canoeing, although is not done at the lodge but at the nearby Crater Lake. Cycling and nature walks around the area are so possible plus bike tours which can be booked at the guest house. You can also take a tour or class to study about the history of the area and the culture of the local people. To note; apart from cycling, other activities charges are independent of the room rate at chimpanzee forest guest house in kibale national park.

Getting there

Chimpanzee forest guest house is located at the edge of kibale national park. It is a short distance from fort portal town along kamwenge road. If you are on a self-drive safari or road trip, you can follow the road signs from fort portal city center along kamwenge road, they can lead you straight to the guest house.

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