Crater Lakes in Kibale National Park

Crater Lakes in Kibale National Park

Crater lakes in kibale national park offer the best scenic view and bountiful nature for genuine adventures. Besides the chimpanzees in kibale national park, the crater lakes supplement the safaris to give you the best kibale national experience. The crater lakes in kibale are found in Kabarole district and they are concentrated in the Ndali kasenda crater area. The crater lakes in kibale national park form a dramatic landscape under the steep undulating hills in western Uganda.

The crater lakes of kibale national park are famously known as the ndali kasenda craters. Ndali kasenda is a natural environment dotted by many volcanic depressions located on the fringe of kibale national park and queen Elizabeth national park in western Uganda. The area of the craters in kibale is much elevated above sea level, and it is called the top of the world trail situated between kibale national park and Kamwenge road; along this road, you can have a spectacular view of the explosion craters and crater lakes in the area.

Formation of crater lakes

The crater lakes in Uganda, ndali kasenda craters of kibale national park, are very old volcanic features. They are believed to have been formed many years ago, about 10000 years before history. The violent volcanic activities lead to the blowing off of the surface, leaving behind depressions. The debris from the explosion created a visible rim around the depression, this is the reason as to why the crater lakes are good hiking areas. Later the depressions were filled with rainwater to create lakes and others stayed as just depressions.

Some of the crater lakes in kibale national park have clear and clean water good for swimming, whereas others have sulphuric water, green in color, due to the continuity of the volcanic activity below the lake; these lakes are toxic and associated with a bad pungent smell form the acidic water. Some of the crater lakes in kibale national park include the following.

Lake Nyabikere is the closest lake to fort portal town, it is located just 11km off fort portal main road to Kibale national park. Lake Nyabikere offers spectacular scenery of the area. The community walks through the nearby villages will enlighten your understanding of the African culture, plus getting a chance to taste some of the stable fruits of the local communities like guavas and jack fruit.

Lake Nkuruba crater is located in a 25km distance south of Fort portal town. Lake Nkuruba crater is one of the most spectacular craters in the kibale crater region. Lake nkuruba offers impressive views for walking safaris in kibale national park.

Lake Nyinambuga is located in a short distance south of lake nkuruba. Lake Nyinambiga is associated with clean waters engulfed by forests. The forest harbors a number of primates including the monkeys and baboons plus a number of birds tweet in the trees. The forests around Lake Nyinambuga add a lot to the scenery and tranquility of the surrounding area.

Lake Lyantonde is another crater lake found near lake nyinambuga; it is located west of lake nyina mbuga. Lake Lyantonde is the most convenient for the travelers on the quest of exploring the kibale ndali kasenda craters. The hike to Lake Lyantonde crater, perfectly supplement the chimpanzee trekking activities in kibale national park.

Lake Kifuruka is also one of the many crater lakes in Ndali Kasenda crater area. Lake Kifuruka offers to the travelers a chance to exploring a lot more about the kibale ndali kasenda crater area. The surrounding is full tranquility with beautiful scenic views of the forest and the undulating terrain.

The elevation of the crater lakes area of kibale, ndali kasenda crater area, is higher than the surrounding landscape, therefore, the crater lakes trail of kibale gives a 360-degree view of the surrounding area. This is the reason as to why the ndali kasenda crater area is referred to and the top of the world. The entire western region is almost dotted with quite a number of explosion craters.

However, the main concentration of craters is found in the Katwe crater area of explosion craters. The others are located around Kichwamba escarpment also known as the ndali kasenda area yet others are located near Fort portal. The crater lakes in kibale should be a must for your kibale national park safari.

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