Crater Lake Tour

Crater Lakes tour

Crater Lakes tour; Many travelers flock Kibale National Park the home of over 1500 chimpanzees in Uganda for the chimpanzee tracking activity. After chimpanzee tracking, one can opt to extend their tour to western Uganda with on the crater lakes tour that are close to Kibale National Park.

Most of the crater lakes that are near Kibale National Park in Kabarole District around fort portal town can be explored on foot. And there are many hikes that can allow you reach these volcanic features. The top view of these crater lakes allows a traveler to view a lot in the vicinity including the Rwenzori Ranges, Kibale Forest, Kichwamba Escarpments and the Lake George.

Kasenda Crater lakes are as many as 50 in that area all enclose by steep volcanic slopes that give the traveler quite a challenge to hike them. These crater lakes are located east of Rwenzori Mountains and to the west of Kibale National Park.

In kasenda, there is a small village called Kabata and around this area there are about 12 crater lakes and the highlight that makes this village important is the tour to the mahoma falls which are in this same area. As you continue on your crater lakes tour, make sure to stop by the Mahoma falls and take a shower at the bottom of the falls.

One of the most famous crater lakes in Uganda is the Nyinambuga Crater lake whose photo is engraved on the twenty thousand Uganda Shilling note (UGX 20,000 note). Some of the other famous craters around kabata is the Lyantonde and the Rukwanzi crater lake.

As you explore these beautiful places in fort portal, be sure to find yourself comfortable accommodation facilities that will leave you wondering about nature’s beauty. Another fascinating crater lake that needs to be noticed is the Kyaninga Crater Lake. It’s a small crater lake but the most fascinating and breathtaking feature is the Kyaninga Lodge which sits just above this crater. Therefore one ought to take a crater lakes tour and explore Kyaninga. Other accommodation facilities around the crater lakes is the Ndali Lodge and the CVK Lakeside Resort both being craters the overlook the Crater Lakes.

Therefore it’s an interesting crate lakes tour for one to add to their itineraries for safaris to Kibale National Park including the chimpanzee tracking and other activities like the visit to the Bigodi Wetland Sanctuary and the nature walks and hiking safaris.

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