Culture Tour of Fort Portal

Culture tour of Fort Portal

Culture tour of Fort Portal will give you a full experience of what the town of Fort Portal entails in terms of culture and the history of the town. Fort portal is a best-renowned tourist town in Uganda with such a unique culture and people. Fort portal is found in southwestern Uganda in Kabarole district. During the Culture tour of Fort portal town you can find the district headquarters of Kabarole district, it also where the magnificent Tooro kingdom palace if found. Fort portal town municipality is located on the edge of the mountain Rwenzori foothills, in the northwestern direction of Mbarara town (soon to become a city). This town is found in the western direction from Kampala the Capital City of Uganda.

Fort portal town is full of amazing cultural aspects including the Nyakasura falls and the Amabere Ga Nyina Mwiru caves. The caves have a lot of historical values and cultural values attached to the Banyoro and the Tooro kingdom. It is believed that the breasts of one of the princesses, Nyina Mwiru, of a great king, Bukuku, was prophesized and the king cut off her breasts in order to prevent the prophecy from coming real, and he threw the breasts in this area. However, in a real sense, the Amabere Ga Nyina Mwiru are stalactites and stalagmites which are formed from the chemical reaction between water and lime rock in the cave. Despite this, the story will still stay as amazing and thrilling when being told by one of the local guides at the Amabere Ga Nyina Mwiru caves.

Culture tour of Fort portal town is a real-life opportunity for you to appreciate the beauty of African women. It is believed, perhaps as a stereotype, that the batooro women are the most beautiful women in Uganda and also most romantic. The Batooro women are polite and humble. The royal women are called the Babito; they are assigned to different Tooro kingdom tusks including getting married to the royals. Most of the restaurants in Fort Portal town hire beautiful women as a competitive strategy. The nightlife in fort portal gets unconventional as the clubs and bars are filled with African groove and beautiful people everywhere that you would wish to stay in Uganda for more days.

The culture tour of Fort portal town will take you through different villages where you will get a chance to intimately experience the cultures of the people; you can also get on with food and fruit testing if at all it’s okay with you.  You, also, can visit the tea plantations and learn how the tea leaves are picked and other interesting stories as told by the tea pickers. The tea plantations are so beautiful and ideal for photos, so you may need to take a few for your gallery back home. Fort portal is known for being the cleanest town in Uganda with the coolest climate, and the youngest handsome king, who is praised for having set an example for other kings in Uganda.

Bigodi community is another place that has increased the fame of Fort portal municipality. Bigodi is associated with nature’s best-kept secret of bigodi wetland sanctuary which is run by the local community. The visit to the bigodi wetland is a chance for you to learn about the Batoro and Bakiga culture and history. Plus, the bigodi swamp walk will expose you to a number of wildlife species like the birds, chimpanzees, monkeys, butterflies, swamp vegetation among others. You can add Fort Portal cultural tour to your itinerary and dive deep into the African culture.

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