Discounted Uganda Chimpanzee Tracking Permits

Discounted Uganda Chimpanzee Tracking Permits

Discounted Uganda Chimpanzee Tracking Permits

Discounted Uganda Chimpanzee Tracking Permits were announced by the Uganda Wildlife Authority in their official communication on 27th November 2020. This comes a long time after the Uganda Wildlife Authority last gave the public discounted Uganda chimpanzee tracking permits. In the official statement from the office of the executive director of Uganda Wildlife Authority a few days ago, there were new promotional incentives announced which included discounted Uganda chimpanzee tracking permits, as described below;

  • East African Community citizens have their new discounted Uganda chimpanzee tracking permits costing ugx100000 from ugx150000 per person per trek
  • Foreign Residents with eligible work permits in Uganda have their new discounted chimpanzee tracking permits costing $100 from $150 per person per trek
  • Foreign Non-Residents have their chimpanzee tracking permits reduced to $150 only from $200 per person per trek.

In addition to discounted Uganda tracking permits, the Uganda Wildlife Authority also had birding fees reduced by 50%, thereby giving travellers visiting Kibale Forest National Park and other chimpanzee tracking destinations in Uganda an opportunity to enjoy themselves greatly at a very affordable price. The Uganda Wildlife Authority has availed these promotional incentives to the public in a bid to manage the negative impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic on tourism, and to welcome back visitors to take part in primate safaris in Uganda, which they enjoy immensely in among others chimpanzee tracking activity. The promotional incentives, according to Uganda Wildlife Authority, is done to also reward travellers for their continued support throughout the years and particularly during this Covid-19 period. The discounted Uganda chimpanzee tracking permits are available for booking by travellers starting 1st December 2020 to 31st March 2021. The reduction that results into the discounted Uganda chimpanzee tracking permits applies to only new purchases between 1st December 2020 and 31st March 2021, and definitely not on reschedules of already deposited on chimpanzee tracking permits or purchases using credit letters. Travellers intending to make use of this chance of available promotional incentives to encounter the chimpanzees in their natural habitat should visit Uganda on a chimpanzee tracking safari, keeping in mind that these promotional discounted Uganda chimpanzee tracking permits cannot be rescheduled.

As is known globally, the tourism industry has been the worst hit by the deadly coronavirus disease that has and still is claiming thousands of lives every single day. When Uganda first reported her first Covid-19 patient, a number of presidential directives were made including the lockdown of the country which saw the closure of Entebbe International Airport and all land boarders to passenger travel. The lockdown trickled down further to the closure of all Uganda national parks, thereby putting to a stop even domestic tourism. Uganda has since however been gradually reopening that on 1st October 2020 Entebbe International Airport was reopened to international visitors, as well as land borders, thereby slowly reviving the tourism industry in Uganda. To improve and also realize maturation of both international and domestic tourism therefore, the Uganda Wildlife Authority issued promotional incentives including among others reducing the cost of bird watching by 50% to attract birders, and further taking an extra mile of discounting chimpanzee tracking fees. With these promotional incentives in place, travellers are motivated the more to visit Uganda on Uganda safaris to enjoy the activities they have always loved to do, now at a cheaper price.

Chimpanzee tracking in Uganda is an amazing activity that involves travellers hiking the forested areas in search of the chimpanzees, which most a times are first heard before being seen for they are very noisy creatures. Chimpanzee tracking in Uganda has travellers encountering the chimpanzees up close with chimpanzees whilst in their natural habitat. Chimpanzee tracking in Uganda can be done in a number of areas including Kibale Forest National Park, Budongo Forest, Kalinzu Forest and Kyambura Gorge which is located in Queen Elizabeth National Park. It is however in the primate capital of the world, Kibale National Park, that most travellers go to encounter the chimpanzees in their natural habitat. Travellers can enjoy chimpanzee tracking in Kibale National Park with a 3 Days Kibale National Park safari, or even spend more days in the park just relaxing and enjoying the nature and the park’s tranquillity. Including other destinations in Uganda to your chimpanzee tracking safari in Uganda is advisable, say gorilla trekking in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and golden monkey tracking in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park for a complete primate safari in Uganda, or also include a Uganda wildlife safari to say Queen Elizabeth National Park or any other Uganda savannah parks.

To enjoy chimpanzee tracking in Uganda, however, travellers are required to purchase chimpanzee tracking permits lest they not get an opportunity to take part in the amazing activity of chimpanzee tracking. Travellers intending to encounter chimpanzees in their natural habit of Kibale National Park should make use of these available discounted chimpanzee tracking permits before the period of the promotional incentive elapsed. Get in touch with a reputable Uganda tour operator to help you put together an amazing chimpanzee tracking safari.

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