Explore Lake Bunyonyi

Explore Lake Bunyonyi : Lake Bunyonyi is a cool place to explore through while on a Uganda safari because it is Lake Bunyonyi is famously known fresh water body in Uganda that is considered the second deepest lake in Africa after Lake Tanganyika that is located in Tanzania. Lake Bunyonyi is located in the South Western region of Uganda in Kabale district and it is close to Rwanda boarder along Kabale-kisoro road, which is, stands at an elevated area of about 1962meters above the sea level. The name lake Bunyonyi is originated from a local word which means small birds and hence which makes this lake to also be commonly referred to as the lake of small birds. More so, Lake Bunyonyi was formed because of the magma that flew from the erupted mount Virunga and blocked water from flowing from River Ndego and then created a dam, which later turned up to be a lake, and it has been in existence for over 8000 years.

Lake Bunyonyi is a good place that tourists exploring in Uganda could ever choose to visit because it is surrounded a good vegetation cover that is filled with a green lush, hills with terraces that stand at an elevation that ranges between 2200 meters to 2478 meters above the sea level. More so, there are beautiful islands in the surrounding, which provide tourists with good scenic views and make the lake more attractive. Therefore, Lake Bunyonyi is a very beautiful place for the nature lovers to visit, adventourous lovers and it is a good destination where the newly wedded couple could ever choose to go to while on their on their honeymoon vacation in Uganda.

Things to do while exploring on Lake Bunyonyi.

Tourists visiting around Lake Bunyonyi are always have great opportunities to engage in very many interesting activities where they get to learn new experiences and make good memories to remember. Therefore, some of these activities include;

Bird watching.

Explore Lake Bunyonyi
Birding in Lake Bunyonyi

Lake Bunyonyi is a good place for Uganda bird Safari to visit because it harbours large numbers of unique bird species that tourists can sight see as they tour around the lake. More so, this lake is commonly referred to as the “the lake of little birds”. More so, it is a good habitat for birds because it is surrounded with swamps, islands, forests, which all act as good breeding places for several bird species and hence it is has a good environment for the migratory birds. Lake Bunyonyi is a home to over 200 bird species that are always available for the bird lovers to see such as; the levillant cuckoo, egrets, grey crowned crane, black heron, the African harrier hawk, wood pecker, sunbirds, golden black weaver birds, raptors, wood peckers, raptors and many others. More so, it is noticed that most of the water birds are seen best during the canoeing.

Hiking and guided nature walks.

Hiking and going for guided nature walks is one of the best way to explore around Lake Bunyonyi because there are many hiking trails that tourists can use while they go through the bamboo forest. In addition, during these activities; tourists are always accompanied with park rangers and guides whose role is to ensure the safety of the individuals and the animals and also lead and guide them through the trails. More so, during the hikes and walks, tourists always get chances to sight many wildlife species like; monkeys, beautiful species that are always beautiful and attract the attention of many people.

Mountain biking.

Tourists who have their best interests in participating in mountain biking activities can best do so along the shores of Lake Bunyonyi and this seems to be an interesting activity because it gives you chances to ride through deep in the neighbouring villages where you get chances to interact with the village people as you might see farms and other mammal species along the way.

Apart from the above mentioned, there are many more activities that tourists can participate in many other activities like; fishing, cultural encounters where they get to interact with the Batwa people and get to learn about their history and their daily lifestyle, canoeing, swimming, game viewing, game drives and many others.

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