Helpful insights on a Queen Elizabeth National park safari

Helpful insights on a Queen Elizabeth National park safari : Queen Elizabeth national park safaris are some of the most popular Savannah safaris in the region especially Uganda. These safaris are done all year round and have activities like game drives, chimpanzee trekking, boat rides, lion tracking, nature walks and bird watching sprees.

The park is home to over 100 animal species, 450 bird species, an assortment of vegetation and also have some craters are complement the park’s beauty.

Queen Elizabeth National park is located in western Uganda so the safari will take you to western Uganda to see the beauty of the land and the numerous animals in that part of Uganda.

Queen Elizabeth National park is located about 5 to 6 hours from Kampala, so that’s how much time you spend on the journey to and from the park.

Its usually nice to travel in the early morning, like 7am set off from Kampala and head to western Uganda. You can make pit stops at the Equator and some locations of yo as stated in your itinerary. You will have snack breaks and bathroom breaks along the way too.

Sometimes before you leave Kampala you have had breakfast and carried some snacks for the journey so you may not need snack breaks on the way.

But whatever you choice make sure you enjoy the sights and sounds of our route to the park.

Depending on how many stops you had on your way, you may get to Queen Elizabeth National park at around 12pm or 1pm, sometimes earlier than 12pm but to be safe we shall stick to 12pm

When you get to the park you have to enjoy the breeze, get to know the people there, check into your accommodation, have brunch before you embark on your first activity in the park.

You itinerary detects what you will see and do that afternoon, but I you will have the boat ride. Because boat rides are popular and more enjoyable in the afternoon.

The boat ride usually takes you around to see the flora, water animals and it’s just a way to relax and enjoy the cool breeze of the park.

After your boat ride you will head to your accommodation to rest for the day. Or rather to prep for the next days activities. Definitely you will have dinner and freshen up before you retire for the day.

Helpful insights on a Queen Elizabeth National park safari
Queen Elizabeth National park

Depending on how many days you plan to spend at Queen Elizabeth National park; the next days will have game drives; the park has early morning game drives, day time game drives and evening game drives. You will have lion tracking activities if you want to see the tree climbing lions. You will also visit the craters, go bird watching and if you are primate lover you will visit the Kyambura gorge some trekking experience in the forest to see these primates. Though you should know that the primate population in Kyambura Gorge is very low, so you may not spot any chimpanzees. Also because the chimpanzees in Kyambura are not habituated, you may spot but they will be quick to disappear on you.

When you are done with all your activities on your itinerary or even some others you added when you got to the park, you will then plan to leave the park and head back to Kampala or continue on to another destination.

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