Isunga Lodge

Isunga Lodge

Isunga lodge is a real deal accommodation situated at the edge of Kibale national park, a short distance from the nearest big city Centre of fort portal, also known as the tourist town; approximately 26 km south of fort portal city Centre. Isunga lodge offers a free wifi which can be reached in every corner of the facility. Isunga lodge also offers a sun terrace which can offer you chance to watch the sun as it sets offer the verdant vegetation of Kibale national park.

Isunga lodge offers quality and affordable accommodation on the edge of the famous Kibale national park. Kibale national park is famous for the enormous population of chimpanzees it harbors, it is called the primate capital of the world by many authors. Kibale forest national park is partly a natural forest where chimpanzee tracking is best done in East Africa & it is where the central jungle meets the east African wilderness.

Isunga lodge was opened in October 2016, it has a touch of modernity flaunted in every cottage and all over the facility. Isunga lodge offers a variety of accommodation options to fit in any safari plan. It is your option for quality mid range accommodation. It has about six en-suite cottages which are very spacious and separated to allow privacy. The fact that the lodge sits in an elevated point, it offers good view over the verdant Kibale national park and beyond to the Rwenzori Mountain ranges.

Isunga lodge has a guide on site; he can help you organize a trip or any other outdoor activity anytime you feel like having some nature walk, bike tour or even cycle around the community. You can hire a bicycle and enjoy cycling around the lodge as you enjoy the lifestyle of the local people. You can as well buy some fruits from the local community such as jackfruit and sweet pineapples. Other fruits in the area include papaya, mangoes and person fruit.

The location of isunga lodge is superb with thrilling sights of birds and green everywhere, about 50 craters where you can do crater lakes tours and are found around isunga lodge. The craters make the surrounding of isunga lodge an ideal base for sightseeing.  The lodge is also located near the primate capital of the world. The park makes it easy for you to do your chimpanzee trekking or habituation basing from isunga lodge.

The fact that the cottages are spread on a hillside, the terrain is sloppy and steep. This may not be suitable for the people with mobility issues. The helpful staff at isunga lodge is ready to give you any kind of assistance you may desire at any time.

Getting there

From fort portal town center, you follow Lugard road and pass by Andrew’s supermarket on the left. Then turn to the roundabout, and go straight after. Down the slope, take the right turn immediately before Mpanga Bridge and continue on with the road for 32km, then you can follow the signage to the lodge.

From Queen Elizabeth national park, isunga lodge can be reached from rwinzi village which is approximately 12 km through Rwankwenzi and other small villages. Kibale forest national park is closest to isunga lodge, just about 600m away.


Isunga lodge offers free parking space for as long as you stay at the facility, delicious food from well-established restaurant and prepared by professional chefs, the premise is served by a powerful wifi connection, and, an airport shuttle to pick you from kasese airport to the isunga lodge. During your stay at isunga lodge, you can also enjoy an outdoor swimming pool which is open all the yearlong and other activities such as cycling and hiking (at an extra charge).

Isunga is the lodge by the edge of the primate capital which offers your breathtaking views, amazing food, comfortable, and clean rooms among others. The location of isunga lodge is strategic with spectacular views and its proximity to chimpanzee trekking start point at kanyancu, makes it the best recommended facility for your Kibale national park safari.

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