Kibale National Park Hotels

Kibale National Park Hotels

Kibale National Park Hotels are amazing accommodation facilities that will keep you safe and entertained in terms of hospitality and accommodation. You got nothing to worry about when it comes to accommodation in Kibale national park. Kibale national park has quite a range of accommodation facilities from luxury hotels to the budget bandas and campsites. Primate Lodge is the closest at the chimpanzee trekking starting point of Kanyanchu, and other hotels in Kibale National Park are scattered all around the park with luxury lavish hotels in fort portal town, the nearest city in Kibale national park.

Ndali Lodge is one of the upmarket Kibale National Park Hotels that you can enjoy your stay at during your Kibale National Park safari. Ndali Lodge is a luxury accommodation facility located near an extinct volcano, situated on a raised rim. Ndali Lodge is located 300km from Kampala heading fort portal, then drive for 11km from Fort Portal town and turn right about 12km to the Ndali lodge.

Ndali Lodge is located in the exact vicinity of Ndali Kasenda Crater Lakes in Kibale national park. It is next to Lake Nyambuga; 130m deep and about 250 acres wide. The lake provides a really awesome scenery to the surrounding. The view of the water in the Crater Lake makes the time really tranquil, the night sea breezes also bring about a cool atmosphere around Ndali lodge in Kibale national park.

Ndali Lodge is one of the loveliest places to stay in Kibale national park, with very beautiful rooms, hospitable staff, and a breathtaking ambiance. The main building of Ndali lodge is thatched with grass, together with the rooms which are spacious with a nice sitting area. Ndali lodge has a modern restaurant and cozy bar stocked with all your favorite drinks.

The cottages at Ndali lodge are designed with unique furniture and big space to accommodate a family. The cottages also have an en-suite shower, big veranda with quite catchy views of the sunset over the green lush vegetation and the view of the undulating hills of Kibale.

Primate Lodge is yet another upmarket Kibale National Park Hotels that are good for a luxury and lavish safaris to Kibale national park. It is located within the boundaries of the national park and it is the nearest to Kanyanchu; the starting point for chimpanzee trekking, also a tourism center. Primate Lodge is the only safari lodge located inside the Kibale national park.

Primate Lodge is close to the visitor center of Kibale national park at Kanyanchu, this makes it an ideal place to stay for your Kibale forest activities since it provides an ideal base to start your daily activities, for example, chimpanzee trekking starts at 6 am in the morning from Kanyanchu.

The facilities and all the services or operations at primate lodge are ecofriendly and in line with the conservation of nature. Primate Lodge has 8 superior cottages, 7 forest cottages, a treehouse and a camping ground large enough for a large group camping expedition.

The structures of primate lodge were al constructed using local building material, all the facility is lit with solar power making the nights livable at primate lodge. The lounge and restaurant are well supplied with a strong wifi network for 24 hours daily. The bar at primate lodge is furnished with modern equipment, a spacious restaurant, a souvenir shop, an enormous camping ground, parking, charging facilities in room and public areas.

Crater Safari Lodge is one of the luxury and lavish Kibale National Park Hotels. Crater safari lodge is also located in the crater area of Kibale national park, positioned near Lake Nyabulitwa. Crater safari lodge offers a magical scenery to the visitors with the surrounding green vegetation, tweets from the birds, the cater lakes, all make crater safari lodge ideal for your stay at.

Crater safari lodge has seven spacious cottages some of which are double and the other twin rooms. It also has two enormous cottages suited with two rooms each. Each cottage can accommodate about four people and an ideally small family.

Crater safari lodge cottages all have en-suite bathrooms with a supply of hot and cold water according to your choice. All the facility is wired with solar power and an internet connection. The bar is fully stocked with all your favorite drinks. The restaurant is enormous with a large free space where delicious cousins and a gift shop where you can buy yourself a souvenir to take back home.

Chimpanzee Nest Lodge is a moderate upmarket accommodation facility in Kibale national park. Chimps nest lodge is among the recommendable safari lodges for your Kibale national park safari. It has awesome services provided by a friendly and highly hospitable staff. The facility is surrounded by a forest full of monkeys that monkey noise all through the day, with a supplement of the jungle sounds, the stay at chimpanzee nest lodge is always ideal and epic.

Kyaninga Lodge is a luxury facility located on the backdrop of the famous Rwenzori mountain, just on the rim of the awesome Kyaninga crater lake. Kyaninga Lodge is one of the lakes in the Ndali Kasenda crater region of Kibale. Kyanginga lodge has a modern restaurant that prepares meals with a touch of an African delicacy and it also has a double-sided fireplace where you can relax and have fun with your company.

Kyaninga Lodge has two modern facility bars fully stocked with all you need to take you through a night in the jungle. The swimming pool is full of tranquility and it is a time to soothe your mind by the poolside after your days travel.

Kyaninga Lodge has really spacious cabins supplied with an awesome view of the Crater Lake below, and beyond is the legendary mountains of the moon or mount Rwenzori. The cabins are constructed on raised platforms for safety and privacy. They all have en-suite washrooms, solar lighting systems, and wide windows to allow aeration at any time, for a healthy living.

Other lodges in Kibale national park include papaya lodge, Kibale forest, kluges guest farm et cetera. Kibale national park is surrounded by decent places to stay in during your holidays in the African wilderness.

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