Kibale National Park is a wonder of the world

Kibale National Park is a wonder of the world

Kibale National Park is a wonder of the world and that has been proven beyond any reasonable doubt by many researchers and they based on different factors. No doubt now that kibale national park holds the world’s natural wonders. Kibale national park has been proving its greatness among the African national parks for many years. Despite the many times Kibale Forest has been interfered with, it has always replenished itself over the years since the colonial period in the 1950s. Kibale national park is found in the southwestern region of Uganda on the foothills of the great Ruwenzori mountain ranges, just a few kilometers from Fort Portal, the cleanest town in Uganda.

Kibale national park is a moderate national park sitting on an area of about and it protects an evergreen tropical rain forest; a mixture of a planted and natural forest. Kibale national park exhibits a thick tropical forest with a wide range of habitats which hide a lot of wildlife secrets including the critically endangered L’hoest’s monkeys and the red colobus monkeys among others. The possible reason as to why kibale national park is naturally blessed with a wide range of primate species is because Kibale national park is a thick tropical forest which is adaptable to the primates.

The main reason as to why Kibale National Park is the world’s wonder is the number of primate population it harbors. Kibale national park is the only protected area in Africa whose population of primates just keeps on growing as the other countries’ primate population dropdown. A few years ago, you could find primates in almost 26 African countries, in the west and central Africa. However, due to the increased political unrest and infrastructural development, a lot of forests have been cleared leading to a reduction in the primate species on the African planet.

Kibale national park is a home to overs 13 primate species, the chimpanzees being the highlight to almost all the primate safaris to kibale national park. Kibale national park beats all other African countries when it comes to primate population and species; it harbors over 1500 chimpanzees. This is the reason as to why it is called the primate capital of the world. Other primate species include the black and white colobus monkeys, the rare red colobus monkeys, the L’hoest’s monkeys (the largest population is found in kibale national park), a few golden monkeys, and the blue colobus monkeys. Kibale national park has a number of nocturnal primates including the pottos, galagos, the bush babies among others.

Besides the primates, Kibale national park is home to a number of other mammal species which can be found in the open savannah grassland and woodlands. The other animals of kibale national park include; the buffaloes, forest elephants, bushbucks, duikers and, sometimes lions, leopards and other cats are spotted roaming in the forest. Kibale national park is a birders paradise because it harbors over 370 species of birds, some of which are even i=endemic to this area only in east Africa. Birding in kibale national park is best done in bigodi wetland sanctuary and the best time for birding is the wet season where you can also get a chance to see the migratory birds as well.

Kibale national park sits on two elevation levels; the highest point of the national park elevates to about 1600m above sea level and 1100m above sea level being the lowest elevation of Kibale National Park which is also in the rift valley floor. The different elevation levels are a factor for the variation in the vegetation cover of kibale national park. The vegetation of kibale national park thins out with the reduction in the elevation level of the landscape. However, on the higher altitude, there is a thick forest, mainly in the northern part of Kibale National Park.

Kibale National Park offers a beautiful scenic view to all the visitors. The Kibale Crater Lakes are is has proved to be the best scenic area of kibale national park, this is possibly the reason as to why a number of safari lodges are concentrated in the Ndali Kasenda crater region. From the crater area of Kibale National Park, you also have a clear view of the Rwenzori mountain ranges, also known as the mountains of the moon. Kibale national park must be among your places to visit during your African safaris, it doesn’t matter whether you have ever been there or not, the thrill is always worth it. Kibale national park is always open all through the year, so you can book for your safari any time with your local travel booking agent, Bien venue. From all this, we can conclude that Kibale National Park is a wonder of the world.

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