Lake Mburo national park


Lake Mburo national park is the closest national park near Kampala and it is the smallest national park situated between Masaka and Mbarara district it takes 4 hours’ drive time to arrive. The park covers 370 km  and it has several wild life species and they include giraffes ,buffaloes ,elands ,waters bucks ,antelopes , zebras, oribis, topis ,and warthogs more so the park is a home of  birds amounting 350 species for example forest and savannah birds and water birds 

Lake Mburo has many activities that are carried and they include game drives, boat cruise ,birding ,nature walks ,horse riding ,fishing, culture tours and others the park has two gates namely Sanga gate and Nshara  gate 

Activities done in Lake Mburo national park 

They are many activities done in the park and they include the following;

Game drives and wild life viewing 

The park is a home of 69 mammal species which include common duiker, buffalo, bush pigs, elands, waterbuck, giraffes and zebra. you can explore the wild by hiking on horseback the beauty about the variety means around to explore wild life at the park on nocturnal drive there is a chance to see porcupines, bush babies and even leopards and it is advised that you are guided by an armed Uganda wild life authority game ranger to point out birds or mammals you may miss 

Lake Mburo national park
Game Drives in lake mburo

Birding in Lake Mburo national park  

They are 350 bird species that are found in the park .Although lake Mburo is the smallest national park but it has a variety of birds that are easily to be seen and it has the opportunities for forest, birds, water birds and savannah birds on lake Mburo and they are many birds which include the following; Africa-grey hornbill, grey woodpeckers, red necked spur fowl, herons, miriti, African fish eaglets common squacco black crake, warukiri, brawn parrot, red winged francolin and others 


Lake Mburo is not the only lake but they are other five lakes in number but Lake Mburo is the largest among them a tour to the park would be incomplete without fishing   it has been set aside as the designated fishing spot because it is crocodile and hippo free it can be done using a license .the tilapia is a local favorite and it is the catch among the 6 fish in the lake 

Nature walks 

The park has many tracks that provide with a walk in the company of an armed Uganda wildlife authority guide .with the hilly terrain of thepark a walk to the hilltops to get a panoramic view of the park is one of natural walk trails available when you go early morning you can see the hyenas going back to their dens and colorful birds and butterflies flying all over the park .for a morning nature walk .This forest comes alive with 40 bird species and tree species like the fig palm ,Acacia and markhamia trees 

Horse riding in Lake Mburo national park 

Lake Mburo is the only national park that offers horseback riding safari in Uganda .The horse back activity which is apparently arranged privately by the adjacent up market Mihingo safari lodge the horseback ride presents a close encounter with animals more than vehicles during the game drive the horse encounter ranges from a half an hour to 3 days including the bush breakfast, lunches and dinners  

Attractions in Lake Mburo national park 

The tourist attractions in the park include the following wild life, birds and culture safaris in Uganda

Wild life in Lake Mburo national park 

The park has good counts of wild life most of which incline to the antelope family and it has population of the famous impala Antelope that are found nowhere in Uganda. The counts of Burchell’s zebra far higher than that of Kidepo national park   and Pian Upe where these species only exist in Uganda

Birds in Lake Mburo national park  

The park has arrange of 315 bird species and it is best place to view acacia associated with bird species .The diverse ecological landscapes presented by the park offer varied habitant that supports arrange of bird species 

Culture around Lake Mburo national park 

The culture around the park:  the Uganda culture adventure is located in the traditional range lands of the Bahima pastoralists who cherished the area for grazing their Ankole long horned culture   .The geographical features inside the park like the ancient Precambrian rocks which date to 500million years back, the unique sites like the Karuma hill, the lake Mburo and extended flat landscape of open savannah have been the Centre of worship and belief of local people  

The best time to visits lake Mburo national park 

The park is open year round but the dry season from June to august and December to February are the best time for general wild life viewing as animals gather around the lake and other water source  .wild life is also god during the wet season from march to May and from September to November because during that time the lush and scenic 

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