Location Of Kibale National Park

Location of Kibale National Park;Kibale National Park is known for chimpanzee tracking in Uganda and is a big national park that sits on 766 square kilometers (296 square miles) of land in Western Uganda. The national park is elevated at 1,100 meters to 1,600 meters high above sea level.

Kibale national park is very easy to access as the area has a good road network that connects to major towns and other national parks around it including fort portal, kasese, kamwenge and queen elizabeth national park.

The location of Kibale National Park is fairly situated South of Fort Portal District. From Fort portal town to Kanyanchu the headquarters for Kibale National Park, it’s about 26.2km and its a drive of about 30 minutes. Kasese town is located South of Kibale National park and is 98 km away by road. This journey from Kasese District to Kibale National Park take about 2 hours. Kibale national park’s location also stipulates that Kamwenge town is located east of the park and is 38.6 kilometers and this is a 40 minutes drive.

On tour to Kibale national park one can decide to travel from other national parks like Queen Elizabeth National Park and Semuliki Wildlife Reserve. This means that one that is on tour to these other national parks can later make way to Kibale National Park.

From Queen Elizabeth National Park to Kibale National Park, its a 2 hours drive of about 142 kilometers. This tour takes a 3 hours drive by road. From Semuliki Wildlife Reserve to Kibale National Park its a distance of about 67 kilometers and a drive of 1 hour and 20 minutes.

All Chimpanzee tracking tours to Kibale national park are expected to start from Kanyanchu Wildlife Center.