Mountain gorilla trekking 2024 Questions

Mountain gorilla trekking 2024 Questions : Mountain gorilla trekking 2024 will be done in Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic republic of congo as always. These are the three mountain gorilla habitats in the region. So to help you plan, here are answers to some of your questions concerning mountain gorilla trekking this year.

  1. Where are the mountain gorillas in East Africa?

The mountain gorillas in the East Africa are found in four habitats which are Bwindi National park in south western Uganda; known to have the highest population of the mountain gorilla in the entire world. The other parks are Mgahinga National Park also in south western Uganda, Virunga National Park in the Democratic republic of Congo and Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda.

  1. When do you have mountain gorilla trekking at these parks?

All year round, mountain gorilla trekking is done at all the parks mentioned above. However because of the trekking involved in the activity you would prefer to trek the gorillas during the dry season when the terrains are a bit dry. The dry season in the region is usually in the months of of June, July, August, September, December, January and February. The other months are marred with some downpour sometimes light sometimes heavy, but you can still trek and enjoy the experience as you would in the dry season.

  1. Where do mountain gorilla trekkers stay?
Mountain gorilla trekking 2024 Questions

A number of places. All mountain gorilla parks are surrounded with accommodation and eatery facilities so you cannot fail to get where to stay on your mountain gorilla trekking safari. All you should be aware of, is that different accommodations have different costs divided into budget, midrange and luxury; choose the one you prefer and is within your budget. Also depending on how long you want to stay at the park before and after your trekking, it affects which accommodation facility you choose.

  1. Apart from the mountain gorilla trekking permit, what other costs should one consider for the mountain gorilla trekking safari?

Well as the question states, for you to go for a mountain gorilla trekking event, you need most importantly a trekking permit. Then other costs you can consider are transport to and from the park, accommodation fees, meals fees, personal item fees among other things. Your tour operator can advise of how you can pay for all these costs and how to connect to the service providers.

  1. Rwanda, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo which of the three is better?

On you need to know that you see the same creatures at all parks, so the mountain gorillas don’t change for any park they are quite the same only deferring in size maybe and quantity. So the answer to this question is not based on the gorillas, its based on the trekking experience to and from the gorillas. Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo have the most challenging terrains so if you are not up for the challenge, don’t try any of these two countries for mountain gorilla trekking. Rwanda on the other hand has fairer trekking terrains that are less cumbersome giving you an easier trek.

Also each park has different complimentary activities to mountain gorilla trekking that you may want to take part in, so depending on the activities you want to do, they will dictate your preference.

Bwindi has mountain climbing, community tours, bird watching, nature walks among other activities.  Volcanes has mountain hiking, traditional village visit, Dian Fossey centre and other activities. The Virunga in the Democratic Republic of  Congo  has nature walks and bird watching majorly.

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