Mountains in Uganda

Mountains in Uganda : Uganda is a home to various ranges of mountains that provide the opportunity for beautiful picturesque sceneries, views and also exciting hiking and mountain climbing experiences not forgetting the unique cultural encounters surrounding these beautiful mountains. The mountains in Uganda are divided into three regions namely Mountain Rwenzori region, Mountain Elgon region and Karamoja mountain region. These mountains are a great source of tourist attraction to Uganda due to the beautiful activities and one should dare not miss!

Mountain Rwenzori Ranges;

This is Uganda’s Highest Mountain and the 3rd highest in Africa with the highest peak being Margherita with 5109m (17,047ft) above sea level located on Mount Stanley. It is located in western Uganda a long the border of Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo. Mountain Rwenzori Ranges is approximately 458km from Kampala the capital city of Uganda. It is also a home to Mt Rwenzori National Park that has diverse numerous wildlife. It has notable peaks that include; mount include; mount baker, mount Speke, mount Emin which are covered with glaciers, snow and beautiful lush vegetation.

Tourist activities in Mountain Rwenzori.

Mountain climbing; Mountain Rwenzori offers one of the best mountain hiking experiences in the world. With help of a guide and a luggage carrier one can climb up to the snow-capped peaks like Margharita and enjoy the beautiful sceneries and carryout photography as the areas on top of the peaks are extremely stunning.

Cultural encounter; The Bakonzo people are people that mainly surround mountain Rwenzori and these people have interesting stories, traditional dances, songs and interesting ways of living that would fill a tourist visit of Rwenzori mountains with indeed thrilling cultural experiences.

Birding tours; Mount Rwenzori  is a UNESCO  birding site and a home to numerous bird species including the following; Barred long tailed cuckoo, dusky crimsonswing, Shelley’s Shelley’s breast, montane masked apalises, collared apaalises, Rwenzori batis, purple breasted sunbird, Rwenzori, double collared sun bird, red faced alethe, red throated alethe, white collared olive back, cinnamon bracken evergreen forest,grey winged Robin, olive wood pecker, African long eared  owl, Rwenzori turaco, Archers Robin-chat, Rwenzonri nightjar, handsome francolin, Rwenzori hill babbler Black chinned qualifinch, hartlaub’s duck, Maxwell’s black weaver, orange tuftrd sunbird, Malache king fisher to mention but a few.

Wildlife viewing; While at Mountain Rwenzori ranges one can visit Mt Rwenzori national park a home to diverse wild animals such as l’hoest’s monkeys, golden monkeys, buffaloes, elephants, spotted hyenas, warthogs, genets, wild African cats, serval cats, forest hogs, red tailed monkeys, black and white    colobus monkeys, bush duikers including red and blue duikers, rock hyraxes, tree hyraxes, leopards, klipspringers, squirrels, side striped and black backed jackals, bush pigs, Chimpanzees can also be seen once in a while among others.

Forest Hiking; Visitors that are in experienced about mountain climbing or would like not to hike high up could explore the forest trails at the foot of the mountain that shall equally offer a beautiful hiking experience. 


This is an extinct Volcano that is found in the eastern part of Uganda at the border of Uganda and Kenya and has Wagagai (4,321) as its highest peak. Mountain Elgon is also a home to Mount Elgon national park which is famous for its wildlife and birding species. Mountain Elgon has a variety of beautiful vegetation that ranges from montane forest, moorland, groundsel and heather vegetation. There is also a variety of tree species such as Elgon Olive, African Juniper, Elderberry to mention but a few. This mountain range is approximately 270km from Kampala the capital city of Uganda and Located near Mbale the biggest town in Eastern Uganda. This mountain has four major peaks namely; Wagagai, Mubiyi, Sudek, Masaba and Koitobos.

Mountains in Uganda
Mount Elgon

Tourist activities at Mountain Elgon.

Birding tours. Mt Elgon is a home to numerous bird species and has a forest exploration centre where one can be guided over the different birding spots. The various bird species at Mt Elgon include; African Goshawk, White chinned Prinia, Chinspot Batis, Chubb’s Cisticola, African Blue Fly-catcher among others. These shall truly give one on a Uganda bird safari in Mount Elgon an incredible experience.

Cultural experience; The Bagisu and Sebei people are the group of people that mainly live around mountain Elgon and they have interesting cultural practices such as the Bagisu Circumcise openly men every even year, the Sabiny people meanwhile circumcise women with the believe that circumcised women have a controlled sexual desire all these and more are cultural encounters one shall experience while on a Mount Elgon safari.

Mountain Biking; While on a Mount Elgon safari on can take on a thrilling biking experience especially in Sipi trading centre and thereby be able to view the beautiful Sipi falls in Kapchorwa district.

Volcano Climbing; One can use the various trails that run through the different rocks and peaks to climb up the highest peak of Wagagai these Volcano climbing can be a source of exercise one can also take an aerial view from the highest peak.

Eco and Agro Tourism; The slopes of mount Elgon are very fertile which ahs encouraged the growth of many plants such as arabica coffee, Irish potatoes, ground nuts among others all these provide an opportunity for tourist while on a Mount Elgon safari to find out about the ways of preserving the environment, growing and preservation the crops planted and how they earn from the plants.

Karamoja mountain region

This is also known as the Karamoja plateau and has very many volcanic mountains. This region is found in the north eastern part of Uganda and has mountains such as mount Moroto (3,083m), Mount Kadam (3,063M), Mount Morungole (2,749m), Mount Napak (2,538) these mountains are located in the semi-arid regions of Uganda and can be a beautiful tourist destination especially when one is on a Uganda wildlife safari at Kidepo National Park.

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