Mpanga Central Forest

Mpanga Central Forest : Considering the beauty that is deep in the pearl of Africa, Mpanga central forest is one the chief forests that is mostly visited by sightseers while on a wildlife Safari in Uganda.

Mpanga central forest is located in the heart of Uganda in mpigi district at mpabire in the southwest of Kampala city and surely stands as a testament to the continent’s biodiversity and the urgent need for conservation efforts.

The forest is a spanning lush of greenery and a great treasure of natural wonders the abundance of flora and fauna in the forest surely makes it a true meaning of beauty and a reason to why one should have a wild safari at the destination.

The ancient and majestic towering trees that are in a canopy form that shelter a diverse ecosystem and allowing one to sight over 97 butterflies and 112moths fluttering among the blossoms.

Mpanga Central Forest is home to numerous wildlife and all sightseers at the locations have a chance to sight different kinds of chimpanzees and monkeys as they swing freely onto the branches of the forest some of these monkeys include; colobus monkeys, and the endangered red-tailed monkeys.

Also the mpanga central forest is home to various 300 bird species hence a great destinations for all bird lovers to have Uganda birding safari from as they get to sight birds such as; African parrots, African fish eagle and so on.

Not skipping the variety of amphibians and other small mammals such as banded mongoose, squirrels, pottos, pangolines and bushabies that are to sight in the forest while on a safari in the destination all this made possible due to the lovely thick forests in that act as home to the wildlife.

Mpanga Central Forest
Mpanga Central Forest

Mpanga central forest is filled with Indigenous 500 tree species and shrubs such as mahogany, ebony, and the colossal muvule trees all these are lovely to marvel at as you get to have a nature walk in the forest, also allowing one chance to sight and learn more about the myriad of plant species, including colorful orchids, ferns, and medicinal herbs used by local communities for centuries.

Mpanga central forest is also a great Uganda destination to visit while in search of true cultural significance in Uganda as you get to have a cultural tour around the forest you get to encounter different cultural tribes like the busoga and Buganda who have resided at the edges of the forest for generations in peace and harmony.

It can be accessed through a one hour drive using the Kampala Masaka road high way as earlier mentioned that the forest is located in mpabire mpigi district hence making it easy to locate.

While in forest one can get to be involved in different safari activities that can be arranged by Achieve Global Safaris tour operators and these include; Nature Walks, Bird Watching and Identification, Primate Watching, Butterfly Identification, Walk Racing, Dirt Biking, Mountain Cycling, Hiking, Running, Camping, Board games, Campfire, Photography, Videography and so very many others.

For more information about the forest one can go through Achieve Global Safaris to get booked up for a vacation at Mpanga central forest, and other necessary facilities as accommodation and transportation.

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