Nakayima Witch Tree Kibale

Nakayima Witch Tree Kibale; The story behind nakayima witch’s tree is such a thrilling takes that you would not miss when you visit Uganda. Nakayima witch’s tree is attributed to a long time story or legend about a beautiful princess who is said to have once upon a time roamed around the Kibale forests, but she is believed to have got lost inside nakayima tree. However, a lot of other stories are told differently about nakayima tree, despite; nakayima tree is still a stronghold of faith for many traditionalists and local people near the area and around Uganda.

Nakayima witch’s tree is a real life evidence to show how the duality of divinity still lives inside with in the heart of all Africans. At the nakayima witch’s tree, the ancients spiritualism belief come back come back to the present, and, probably this time stronger than before. The people still believe that the tree has healing power over ailments of different categories. You will find a lot of people staged with offering to give to this tree believing that they are going to get good luck in return, it might sound strange but this is Africa. 

At nakayima tree you will be surprised to find a lot of religious people looking for good luck. Despite the teaching heard in churches on Sundays and in mosques on Friday, nakayima shows the true African strong belief in tradition. A lot of people leave the religious teachings in the church and always tree to nakayima witches tree to find intercession from the spiritual ancestors that are believed to be present in this tree. This confirms the biblical scriptures about “give ceasor what belong to ceasor”.

Nakayima tree is a live example of a religious paradox that a lot of people have failed to find a solution for. You will find a lot of men and women smoking pipes with tobacco or marijuana. They believe that marijuana or tobacco clears the area and creates a clear room in their minds for the spirits to dwell. The smoke from the smoking pipes fills the premises of nakayima tree. After the spirits have chosen a submissive person through which they speak, a lot of people start bringing in their offering with their requests before the spirits of the tree. Some bring money, hen, sheep, cowrie shells, goats and others bring cows; the bigger the offering, the greater the blessing.

You are also given a chance to test; you can make a wish by dropping a coffee bean in the basket that is placed in the pockets of the buttress tree roots. The different pockets of the buttress roots is believed to be a  room for a different god or goddess; one pocket is for Ndaulaalso called Ndahura by the western tribe, Nalongo, Jajja Mukasa and the other for Jajja Musoke and Kilunda, wow, such a number of spirits. Some people call the nakayima witch’s tree a myth and others call it a legend of the sacred spirits of the Chwezi people of Bunyoro and Buganda kingdoms. a guide who is well versed with the area is always ready to take you through all the rituals and also tell you the details about each event and feature at nakayima witch’s tree.

Nakayima witches’ tree is located in western Uganda a three hours’ drive from Kampala the capital city of Uganda. It is something that is always dodged by the drivers to Kibale national park, but it is near the starting point of the Kibale crater trail and you are heading towards Kibale forest. It is situated 4km west of Mubende town. It is ideal to use a tour guide from your company; he will drive you there with ease. From where the car stops, you have to hike up to the flat-topped nakayima mystery hill. The hiking session is also a rewarding one with beautiful scenery views, plantations and gardens of the surrounding villages.

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