Nature Walks & Hiking

Nature Walks & Hiking

Nature Walks & Hiking in Kibale National Park are a part of the activities that a traveler can engage in while on Safari to Kibale Forest. Like any other activities in Kibale National Park, one is required to book in advance in order for them to engage in the Nature Walks & Hiking safaris.

There are extended hikes that see the traveler walk through the entire park length. Usually these safaris take about 2-6 days though the park offers also shorter length Nature Walks & Hiking safaris like the half day nature walk and the one day nature walk safari.

These nature walks & Hiking safaris in Kibale National Park all start from either Kanyanchu or Sebitoli. These nature walks see you traverse the villages surrounding the Forest like Kikoni, Nyakalongo and Nyaibanda. As you make your way through these villages, one gets to interact with the cultures and locals of the people. Most of the locals you will find include the Bakiga and the Batoro who are from the Runyakitara speaking tribes in Uganda.

Only 6 people are allowed on a Nature walks & Hiking safari in Kibale national park and therefore booking this safaris in advance is highly advised.

Extended nature walks & hiking safaris can be organised for travelers where you spend almost the whole day and come out in the evening to rest and relax in the camp sites that are set up in the surrounding villages of Nyakalongo, Nyaibanda and Kikoni. From these villages porters can be hired to help the travelers carry their luggage and make their nature walks easier.

There are also night walks that can be organised for travelers to be able to view the nocturnal animal species. You will be so lucky to view the main dwellers of this forest. As you encounter your night walks in the forest once can be lucky enough to view the chimpanzees high up in the trees. Night walks start at around 7:30 pm with travelers equipped with powerful torches and with an armed guide. The travelers later return to the camps 2 hours later. Some of the rare species sighted on these night nature walks & hiking safaris include the potto, bushbaby, crickets, night jar and the thrilling hyrax and also the civet.

These walks are cheaper unlike the chimpanzee tracking and the chimpanzee habituation activities. Nature walk safaris in Kibale National Park cost USD 30 whereas night walks cost a little more at USD 40. Bird watching safaris cost USD 30 not forgetting that each traveler accessing the national park needs to park park entrance fee of USD 40 to do any of these walks.

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