Park Entry Fees and Permits Charges

Park Entry Fees and Permits Charges

Park Entry Fees and Permits Charges are the most important payments that are meant to be levied on the travelers that are interested in doing activities in Kibale National Park like chimpanzee trekking, natures walks and many others. Kibale National Park just like the other 9 Uganda national park, has park entry fees that are attached to it.

Kibale national park charges both entry fees and permits fees for visitors interested in visiting the park. Park entry fees are charged on visitors interested in doing any other activity in the park with the exception of Chimpanzee trekking. Those activities that require park entry fees include; forest nature walks & hiking, bird watching and probably study trips. Kibale park entry fees are charged per entrance/day for each individual for any number of times that they enter the park. Foreign non-residents, visitors who do not leave in Uganda or East Africa pay 40 USD per person. Foreign residents – visitors who stay in Uganda or East Africa having valid residence and working permits pay 30 USD. Finally, East African Citizens, these include Ugandans, Kenyans, Tanzanians, Rwandans, and Burundians pay 6 U.S Dollars as long as they can present a valid national ID.

For visitors interested in only Chimpanzee trekking, the chimpanzee trekking permits are required as a confirmation for trekking. A chimpanzee trekking permit is payable once a day and it includes park entry fees. This is because as visitors trek chimpanzees, they are able to combine with other activities like forest walks and birding as they locate the gorillas.

Chimpanzee trekking permits are also in categories depending on the nationality. Foreign non-residents pay 150 USD per person per day, foreign residents with valid identification pay 100 USD per person whilst East African citizens pay 30 USD per person.

On the day that your permit is booked, you are supposed to report to the park head offices – Kanyachu for a briefing from the park warden. This briefing is basically in regards to the park and what is expected of the visitors when the activity starts. After this briefing is done, you are divided into groups and allocated 2 ranger guides and 1 tourism police officer. They will lead you through the forest to a location where the chimpanzees are located. On finding chimpanzees, you are allowed an hour to watch the chimpanzees while taking photos and enjoying their company.  A chimpanzee trekking permit is valid for only 1 day and expires immediately after use on the same day you trek the chimpanzees.

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