Primate Lodge kibale

Primate Lodge kibale

Primate Lodge kibale is a spectacular eco-lodge found in the premises of kibale national park which makes it a perfect accommodation while in kibale national park for a safari, primate lodge kibale aims at conserving the environment and creating a friendly environment to its clients that is why its accommodation was constructed using local materials. The lodge is situated in the centre of kibale national park and surrounded by tropical trees which are habitant to many wildlife that is primates.

Accommodation in primate lodge kibale

Primate Lodge kibale offers comfortable accommodation to tourists in kibale national park through its beautifully established 16 rooms in different accommodation types that is 9 luxury cottages, 7 standard cottages and 7 standard cottages with various amenities like beds with mosquito nets, en-suite bathroom, reading desk and chairs.

Safari tented cottages

Safari tented cottages in primate lodge kibale are 8 in number in primate lodge , these tented cottages are established on a wooden platform with grass thatched roof which rhymes with the ecological theme of primate lodge . Each tent consists of a private verandah offering you beautiful scenic views of the nearby forest, the tents are consists of African interior with wooden floors, walls decorated with local stones, African style beds wall painting and furniture made out of beautiful local wood including bamboo. Luxury safari tented cottages features en-suite bathroom with wall mirrors, flash toilets and running shower water, power cables for charging phones, laptops and nay gadget. Safari tented cottages in primate lodge kibale are both luxury and standard cottages.

Forest cottages

Forest cottages in primate lodge kibale are 7 cottages in number and available for visitors, these cottages are surrounded by beautiful forest trees. Forest cottage are situated in a secretive forested location offering high level of privacy making it best for honeymooners, these cottages features spacious rooms with double beds, a sitting room designed in a fascinating African way with African made pieces like chairs, wooden floor with standard en-suite bathrooms which consist of running shower water and flash toilets.

Sky tree house

Sky tree house is a very spectacular accommodation facility in primate lodge best for adventurous tourists, this accommodation facility is a tree house situated in a 10 minutes’ walk from the main lodge. Sky tree house consists of a spacious bedroom and en-suite bathroom with amenities like a shower mirror, running shower water and flashing toilet. Sky tree house offers beautiful views of the forest trees and the perfect views of elephant lurch.


Primates lodge kibale offers a campsite for tourist for prefer to camp and sleep in the wilderness.

Facilities and services at primate lodge kibale

Primate Lodge is a very friendly accommodation facility offering a number of facilities and services aiming at serving the interests of the visitors and for their comfortable stay, these facilities and services include.


Primate Lodge  has a beautiful restaurant which serves mouth-watering dishes, primate lodge  is operated by the most hospitable individuals that is waiters and waitresses. The restaurant serves both local and international dishes which are prepared by a professional chef, the restaurant has a balcony/verandah from where you get beautiful views of the surrounding while eating.


Primate Lodge  has a fully stocked bar with both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, this restaurant is a very suitable area for relaxation and offers beautiful views of the forest.

Lounge area

Primate Lodge  has a beautiful spacious lounge area for relaxation, the lounge consists of chairs with soft cushions, table with magazines for reading. The lounge features a min-library with novels and DVDs and a TV set where you get to watch movies from, from the lounge you get to views of red-tailed monkeys.

Fire place

 Primates lodge kibale offers a fire place where evening camp fires take place, this place is one of the favorite spots in the lodge where tourists get to relax in the evening and bond while enjoying a variety of camp fire you also get entertained by local songs and dances.

Free Wi-Fi

Primate Lodge  offers free access internet connection to all visitors of the lodge, the internet is freely accessed at any open area in the lodge.

Laundry services

Primate Lodge  offers laundry services to tourists in need of their clothes to be cleared at an extra additional fee.

Power supply

Primate Lodge kibale is supplied with uninterrupted power supply daily 24/7.

Activities offered by primate lodge kibale

Primate Lodge kibale offers amazing safari activities which include

  • Chimpanzee tracking
  • Forest walk
  • Bird watching
  • Bigodi village walk

How to get to primate lodge kibale

Primate Lodge  is found at kanyanchu visitor’s centre in kibale national park, to reach the lodge you use road from fort portal to kamwenge route over Mpanga Bridge. From fort portal it is a 36 kilometers to kanyanchu tourism centre.

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