Strategies For Finding Affordable Accommodation In Hoima

Strategies For Finding Affordable Accommodation In Hoima : Hoima is a popular town, which is located in the western region of Uganda, and it is famously known for having a rich cultural heritage and its strategic location due its proximity to several national parks and natural attractions. In this town, there might not be hotels that can be recognized on the international lever. However, there are numerous accommodation facilities, which are always available for visitors and these, include; local guesthouses, safari lodges, budget hotels that are specifically cater for those individuals who travel with limited budgets. Therefore, in the essay below we will delve and learn more about some general strategies that can one use to identify the budget friendly hotels while on your safari in Hoima.

  1. Online Booking Platforms.

Individuals should plan on where they will stay before even travelling to Hoima and this is easily done by looking through websites such as;, Expedia, Agoda among others which help you to filter accommodation facilities as your able to make the right choice of where you would prefer to stay basing on the price ranges, location, and the guest ratings available on the websites. More so, these websites also one to identify hotels with discounted rates and special deals available however, these opportunities are commonly enjoyed by those individuals that tend to book in advance.

  1. Hostel Accommodations.

When one is in Hoima on a safari or for the very first time, they are encouraged to also consider using hostels because they are often cheap which also makes them to be the best accommodation option for the budget travelers. However, they should note that these hostels offer dormitory style rooms and individuals staying there have to share some of the facilities like; kitchen, bathrooms among others hence this leading to the reduction of charges of their stay. Therefore, people are encouraged to look up to some of the websites such as; Hostel world and Hostel bookers which are best recommended for providing  listings and reviews about hostels in Jinja.

  1. Local Guest Houses and Lodges.

In Hoima town, there are very many affordable accommodation facilities where budget can opt to stay and some of these include; guest houses. However, these guest houses many not be listed on the international booking platforms, therefore individuals are encouraged to consider doing a local research or ask around for some recommendations from fellow travelers or from the local people.

  1. Contacting Hotels Directly.

Individuals are advised to contact and get in touch directly with hotels by using phone calls or sending in emails and this helps to yield better prices compared to when one just books a hotel through a third party website.

  1. Utilize Travel Forums and Social Media.

Individuals are advised to check through websites like; trip advisors, Lonely planet’s thorn tree forum among others because they allow travelers to ask for recommended hotels and also share tips regarding budget accommodations found in Hoima town. More so, travelers are encouraged to join travel groups on social media platforms such as; face book, which helps you to connect many other travelers who give more you more information.

Strategies For Finding Affordable Accommodation In Hoima
Strategies For Finding Affordable Accommodation In Hoima
  1. Consider Location.

People planning to travel are encouraged to opt for accommodation facilities, which are located further from the town center, or they can also opt to stay within popular tourist attractions because they normally tend to be cheaper. However, they also advised to consider some factors regarding to transportation costs most especially for those who choose to stay in remote areas.

  1. Look for Discounts and Promotions.

Individuals planning to travel to Hoima town are advised to keep an eye looking out for areas with  special promotions, discounts which enables them to have long stays and also make sure to be updated during the off peak rates seasons. More so, hotels in Hoima may also offer lower prices most especially during some specific seasons of the year or to those individuals that do last minute bookings.

In addition, below are some of the budget-friendly accommodations that can be found within this town and some of these lodging facilities include; Hoima cultural lodge, Kontiki hotel, Hakuna Matata guesthouse, Hoima Kolping hotel, Lake Albert safari lodge and many others.

Contact our trusted tour operators for more information about several strategies that one can use to find affordable accommodation facilities in Hoima and then book with our tours and travel companies such as; Achieve Global Safaris, who offer the best tour packages while on a safari in the country.

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