The Endangered Species of Chimpanzees

The Endangered Species of Chimpanzees

The Endangered Species of Chimpanzees: The chimpanzees are currently classified under the endangered species found in the jungles of Africa and other places around the globe. The endangered species of chimpanzees fall under the Hominidae family together with the gorillas and the orangutans. The scientific identity of the chimpanzees is, pan troglodytes.  Despite the other primates that fall under the same family as the chimpanzees, the chimpanzees are the closest wild animals to human; they share 98% of the human DNA. You are not wrong if, at all, you say that, humans are just 2% more than chimpanzees. This fact tries to put a seal to the archeological findings that humans evolved from the chimpanzees; however, we all are certain that it is not verified anyway.

For many years, the endangered species of chimpanzees have lived in the equatorial areas of the world, especially Africa, from southern Senegal through central African and extending to Tanzania. This is almost the size of the USA. Over a million chimpanzees lived in the tropical forests of Africa a few years ago. However, the population of the chimpanzees in Africa started going down from the 20th century. Currently, the chimpanzee population in Africa is lower than 200,000. The question still stands, what can be a genuine reason as to why the population keeps on going down as the world seasons change?

According to a range of research findings, the major cause of a declining population of the endangered species of chimpanzees in the world is greatly attributed to the massive destruction for the natural habitats such as the tropical forests. As civilization extends to Africa and spreading all around the world, also massive destruction of the natural resources has taken on its heels all through Africa. The industrialization has led to the destruction of forests in Africa.  Also, a lot of forests have been cleared to create settlement area, this is evident around national parks, the people living near the national parks keep on encroaching on the parks land, this leads to migration of, not only chimpanzees but also other wild animals.

A lot of cases have been reported about animal trafficking. Chimpanzees for many years have been taken from their natural habitats to be traded as pets. However, however, this is against the principle of environmental fidelity.  Mainly the young chimpanzees are targets for pet trade due to their adorable cute little faces; this is unsafe and illegal. Governments have been fighting it and a lot of sanctuaries have been established to treat the rescued chimpanzees from the pet traders. Many pets around the globe are put in circus cages most especially in America.

Another reason that has led to the reduction of the chimpanzee population to the state of being called endangered is unbelievable but true; a lot of chimpanzees are hunted for food here in Africa.  Most especially in the west and central Africa like Congo and Senegal, wild meat has won its position in the food markets. This has greatly led to a massive reduction in the population of chimpanzees in Congo forests. The habit is contagious that also other countries have started adapting to the consumption of chimpanzee meat which has increased poaching in Africa.

The endangered species of Chimpanzees’ pathogens are also somehow responsible to the status the chimpanzees carry now of being endangered. Pathogens are natural diseases found in the chimpanzees’ habitats. Chimpanzees just like any other living animal, they get sick and die, supplemented with human interference, a decline in the population of the chimpanzees is inevitable. Also, chimpanzees are dropping dead in Congo forests due to human tract diseases such as Ebola virus which is killing millions of people in West Africa. This has increased the reduction in the chimpanzees in Africa, together with other factors unfolding.

The congo forests were known to have the highest concentration of chimpanzees in east and central Africa. But presently, you can only be sure of a 100% chance to spot chimpanzees with ease, in Kibale national park in East Africa and central Africa. Kibale national park is known to have the highest concentration of chimpanzees on the African continent, it is known as the primate capital of the world with over 1500 chimpanzees most of which are even habituated. However, you can find chimpanzees in other countries such as Tanzania, Congo, and Rwanda, among others.

There might not be a lot to do to reduce to rate at which the chimpanzees are getting extinct in the forests of Africa, but the struggle is hard and still going on. There has been sensitization in a number of African countries about the dangers of poaching, this has shown some responsiveness. Anti-poaching patrols have been deployed in national parks to check out the poaching problem. If the effort is not multiplied, the chimpanzee species may become extinct in the next few years, this is a call for all the lovers of nature to work and act upon ways of letting the chimpanzees replenish in their natural habitats without human interference.

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