Things to do in Kibale national park

Things to do in Kibale national park

Things to do in Kibale national park: Kibale National Park is found in western Uganda in kabarole district near fort portal town, this park is protects a great moist ever green rain forest lieing at the altitude range of 1100 meters – 1600 meters. Kibale national park is one of the last remaining regions containing both lowland and montane forest stretching over an area of 776 square kilometers, the park was established in 1993 and is a remarkable home for the 13 species of primates with chimpanzee as largest population. Other primates in kibale forest including Uganda red colobus, Uganda mangabey, L’hoests monkey, black and white colobus, blue monkey and many more.

Kibale national park is also a home to other mammals such as red and blue duikers, bushbucks, Sitatungas, bush pigs, giant forest hogs, common warthogs, African buffalo, leopards, African golden cats, servals, mongooses, two species of otter.

Chimpanzee habituation experience

Kibale national park offers the most exciting chimpanzee habituation experience in Uganda, among the only two places where chimpanzee experience is offered kibale is ranked the best as the activity is offered throughout the year. Chimpanzee habituation experience is offered in 2 kinds that is half day and full day offering you ample time to be stay in the presence of the primates while watching them breast feeding their little ones, feeding, copulating, patrolling, hunting and resting. Chimpanzee habituation experience also allows you to participate in feeding them, since these chimpanzee underwent through habituation experience they are less harmful to human beings. On this experience which begins as early as 6:30 permits only a group of 4 people accompanied by researchers and a guide to participate in the experience, to get involved in habituation you are required to be in possession of a chimpanzee habituation permit which is purchased at the office of Uganda wildlife authority. A chimpanzee habituation permit costs

Kind of habituation Foreign non residents Foreign residents East African community residents
Full day US$ 200 US$ 200 UGx 150,000
Half day US$100 US$ 100 UGx 75,000

Chimpanzee tracking

Kibale national park is very much known for being a habitant to the largest population of chimpanzees in Uganda with approximately 1450 chimpanzee individuals, chimpanzee tracking takes you through the deep thick forests of kibale using demarcated trails in your search for the chimps. This activity is offered in two shifts that is morning tracking and afternoon tracking, morning chimpanzee tracking starts at 6:00 am and 8:00am. Morning shift starting at 6:00 am offers you a chance to watch chimps breast feeding, copulating, hunting, patrolling and waking up from their nests. As walk through the forest you also spot other primate species like Central African Monkey, Black and White Colobus Monkey, Blue Monkey, L’Hoest’s Monkey, Ugandan mangabey, grey cheeked mangabey and Ugandan Red Colobus Monkey. As a tourist to get involved in the tracking you are required to have a chimpanzee tracking permit which consists

Activity Foreign non residents Foreign residents East African residents
Chimpanzee tracking US$ 150 US$ 100 UGx 100,000

Birding and butterfly watching experience

Kibale national park is a perfect spot for watching numerous beautiful bird species, the thick forests of kibale habits approximately 375 bird species making the park a perfect spot for bird watching. While on chimpanzee tracking, nature/forest walks in the forest you get to see many beautiful birds which include yellow-rumped Tinkerbird, brown crested Alethe, red-chested owlet, red-faced woodland warbler, black bee-eater, Nahan’s francolin, little greenbul, little green bul, brown illadopsis, black-eared ground thrush, little green bul, yellow spotted Nicator, African pitta, black-capped Apalis, purple-breasted sun bird, white naped pigeon, black bishop, African grey parrot and many more. In kibale you also spot many colorful bird species.

Cultural encounters

As a tourist cultural encounters in kibale national park takes you on a visit in local communities which live on the out skirts of the park, on culture encounter excursion you visit batooro and bakiga local communities. On your visit in these communities you witness traditional art pieces, local way of family, houses built using local materials, get entertained by local dances and drama and also get to interact with the local elders who will share interesting stories with you. Currently these two tribal groups offering entertainment to tourists are grouped in an association called rural environment development (KAFRED). Most of the proceeds called in cultural encounter activity are used for the benefit of the locals.

Forest/ nature walks

Forest/ nature walks in kibale forest national park are breathtaking activity taking place through the thick green forests, this activity is 12 kilometer walk taking approximately 6 and more hours of walk and hiking on a trail running through savannah, riverine forest, tropical forest and swamp regions of the park. This activity begins from kanyanchu visitor’s center and on this walk you encounter many primates like chimpanzees, olive baboons in the forest, bush bucks, antelopes, elephants and many colorful birds.

Hiking and nature walks in kibale forest national park is a guided activity and best done in the dry months of December to Friday and June to September, when go for this activity make sure you carry strong well fitted hiking boots, waterproof bag, long sleeved shirts and long trousers for a fun activity.

Children activities

Kibale national park is an amazing tourist destination which does not only cater for the adult tourists but also for kids, chimpanzee tracking is the pioneer safari activity in the park but kids are not allowed to participate in this activity.  Because of this the park offers activities for children that is a short forest walk of 1-2 hours which are accompanied by professional guides, other activities include photography pond dipping, batik making and games.

Accommodation facilities in kibale national park

Like always before even confirming your trip to kibale national park the home of primates, one of your top thoughts and worries is where you will stay during your safari. Kibale national park has many accommodation facilities either in the park or on the out skirts of the park which are very much willing to offer you the best of service as you may want them, accommodation is got from Nyinabulitwa resort and safari camp, crater valley kibale lake side resort, lake nkuruba nature reserve, chimp’s nest, kibale forest camp, Matana tented camp, safari hotel bigodi, primate lodge kibale, kanyanchu river camp, sebitoli camping group and many more.

How to get to kibale national park

Kibale national is located in western Uganda which is approximately 308.1 kilometers of distance from Kampala the starting point of most safaris and it is a 5 hours’ drive, as a tourist on a trip you can get kibale national park using both road and air means of transport. By road you use numerous routes which lead you to the park that is Kampala-mubende-fort portal route, Kampala –Hoima -Kyenjojo route and Kampala – mbarara – kamwenge route. By air transport, flight companies like Aero-link offer daily flights to kibale national park from kajjansi airstrip and Entebbe national park to three airstrips that is Nyakisharara airstrip and kasese airstrip. From Nyakisharara airstrip in mbarara it is a drive of 98 kilometers to kanyanchu and from kasese airstrip it is 86 kilometers to kanyanchu.

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