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Things To Do While At Crater Safari Lodge In Kibale

Things To Do While At Crater Safari Lodge In Kibale : Crater safari lodge is located in Fort Portal a few kilometers away from the headquarters of Kibale National park and it is about only 26 kilometers from fort portal town to the park. Therefore, many people who choose to have their stay always prefer Crater safari lodge. More so, this safari lodge is ranged as a luxury accommodation facility therefore ranking it to be among the best lodging facilities found in Kibale National park and it only takes visitors travelling from Kampala city about a 5 hours’ drive to be able to access the lodge.

Crater safari lodge is well constructed and designed with natural materials such as; stones and wood  and it is made of 21 luxurious rooms whereby some of these rooms have around 10 standard cabanas which are double  and around 11 deluxe thatched chalets, 6 deluxe chalets which are situated within the gardens area and guests there always capture classic views of the crater, family chalets which are known to be the inter-leading rooms that contain around 4 single beds and 2 double beds, 5 deluxe chalets which are opposite with the crater and contain three double rooms whereby some of these are honeymoon suites and other two twins. Lastly, Crater safari lodge has three charlets that are best for bathing because the other rooms have expansive showers.

The rooms at Crater safari lodge contain an en-suite bathroom which has both cold and warm showers, flushing toilets that have free toiletries, big clean towels, wardrobe where guests keep their clothes arranged, king size beds, solar lightings, bed side table lamps among others. more so, Crater safari lodge offers its guests with a number of interesting facilities  such as; free WI-FI  which is always available for the guests to use hence helping them to maintain a clear communication with their people back at home, a good restaurant which has well experienced chefs and well trained waiters who help to serve the guests with delicious meals which are always either both local and international ging a chance to the guests to choose what they would prefer to eat, a swimming pool where guests with good swimming skills always go to cool off their hot long day, a well-stocked bar which has all different kinds of drinks such as; spirits, liquors, cocktails, international beer and other soft drinks such as; soda, juice and water among others. Crater safari lodge also has gift shops where visitors always go to buy their essentials such as; bottled water in order to keep hydrated, crafts and other things like clothes and jewelry to take for their people back at home, Sauna and a steam bath, a well-equipped gym where individuals go to exercise and keep fit, campfire which is set while overlooking the crater lake hence giving the guests to capture nice view of the waters among others.

Things to while at Crater safari lodge. 

Things To Do While At Crater Safari Lodge In Kibale
Crater Safari Lodge

For individuals who choose to have their stay at Crater safari lodge are always blessed with great opportunities to engage in several interesting activities like; guided nature walks where walk through the Bigodi wetland sanctuary and ae always accompanied with tour guides as these individuals are able to sight see at very many wildlife species such as; chimpanzees, sitatunga, white colobus monkeys, red tailed monkeys, black colobus monkeys, bush bucks, Mongoose, and they can also sight see at very many bird species due to the fact that kibale national park is a home to over 138 bird species. more so, people can also embark on community visits where they get to interact with the local people, visiting the Amabere Ga Nyina Mwiru caves  and get to explore through the series of the limestone caves which are both stalagmites and stalactites as they acquire new experiences, chimpanzee trekking because kibale national park is a home to over 1500 chimpanzees which are always available to be trekked and this considered as one of the main activities that has attracted many tourists to the park, they can also go for wildlife viewing and be able to see many wildlife species being that this lodge is located in an area with around 70 mammal species such as; forest elephants, antelopes, buffalos, bush bucks and many others.

Visitors can also embark on the chimpanzee habituation experience, visiting the Rwenzori Mountain, hiking and visiting the Sempaya hot springs and many others.

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