Tour in Jinja

Tour in Jinja : Jinja town is located in the eastern part of Uganda and is among the popular tour destinations in the country. There are many experiences to enjoy when visiting Jinja town including adventure, culture and enjoying the beauty of Jinja. The majority of people living in Jinja are the Basoga people who are very hospitable and tourists can interact with them during their tours in Uganda.

Attractions found in Jinja

There are many attractions around Jinja and they include the following;

  • Source of the Nile

The source of the River Nile is found in Jinja and it is famous for boat trips during tours in Uganda.  The River Nile is one of the longest rivers in the world.

John Hanning Speke, a British explorer who travelled around East Africa in the mid-19th century is known for his discovery of the source of the Nile. Boat rides at the source of the Nile take tourists to the point where the River Nile begins.

During visits to the source of the Nile, tourists can also visit the craft shops and also the Gandhi monument.

  • Itanda falls

The Itanda falls are located about 27 kilometers from Jinja town and it is a destination where many tourists get close to the waterfalls and rapids and also engage in a variety of activities.

 Activities which take place around the Itanda falls include white water rafting and also kayaking. There are 3 levels of rapids at the Itanda falls.

  • Busowoko falls

Another magnificent destination to visit in Jinja is the Busowoko falls which are located about 20 kilometers from Jinja town.

Different activities are carried out around the Busowoko falls and they include tubing on the Nile, water rafting and also camping.

The Busowoko falls are also found on the River Nile in Bukongo village.

  • Festivals

Jinja is also a town in Uganda which is known for many festivals including the famous Nyege Nyege festival.

The Nyege Nyege festival takes place annually in Jinja and many tourists and locals from all over the world attend the festival and experience culture, dance and so much more for a period of about 3 days.  Many other music festivals also take place around Jinja including the Jinja color festival among others.

  • Uganda railway museum

Another place to visit around Jinja town is the Uganda railway museum which showcases the history of the railway in Uganda and many other automotives are found at the museum.

The railway museum is located along the Jinja-Iganga highway and guided tours can be done there as well as film collections and stories and heritage theme nights. With establishment of the museum, it is hoped that tourists and the locals can embrace the railway as form of transport in Uganda.

Uganda railway museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday and was opened by the Cross Cultural Foundation of Uganda.

  • Griffin falls

The Griffin falls are located about 10kilometers from the Kampala-Jinja highway and amny activities are carried out around the area including zip lining. Tourists can also stay at the Griffin falls camp during their tours in Jinja.

  • Busoga royal palace

Following the recent wedding in the Busoga kingdom, tourists can find out more about the culture of the Basoga people during visits to the Busoga riyal palace.

The king of the Basoga people is known as the Kyabazinga and the Queen is referred to as the Inhebantu.

Activities to do in Jinja

There are many activities which are carried out around Jinja and they include the following;

White water rafting

One of the adventurous activities to do around Jinja is white water rafting which takes place on the River Nile.

White water rafting in Jinja is an adventure activity in Jinja that attracts adventure enthusiasts from around the world. The most popular stretch for rafting is on the River Nile,

Different rafting companies in Jinja offer full day or half day tours, providing safety equipment, professional guides, and thorough safety briefings before embarking on the activity.

Boat cruises on the Nile

A more relaxed way of enjoying a tour in Jinja is a boat cruise on the source of the Nile which can be done in the morning or in the afternoon.

Horse riding

Jinja is also a destination where horse riding can be done by the Nile and is an exciting activity which can be done by experienced and tourists without experience.


Tourists can also engage in kayaking on the River Nile when visiting Jinja town.

Quad biking

Visitors can engage in quad biking tours in Jinja through the scenic villages of Jinja.  Tourists embark on guided quad biking tours that take them through off road trails, providing an upclose encounter with the scenic beauty of Jinja

Tour in Jinja
Quad Biking

Visiting the local markets

Additionally, Jinja town has many bustling markets where tourists can experience the local way of life and purchase unique arts and crafts and souvenirs made by the locals.

A visit to the local markets is also another way that tourists can try out local food and delicacies like the rolex which is a popular snack in Uganda. The people of Busoga are known for preparing some of the best dishes.

On the way to Jinja, tourists can visit destinations like the Sezibwa falls and also engage in guided nature walks, bird watching excursions, zip lining among other activities in Mabira Forest.

Where to stay around Jinja

There are different places to stay around Jinja and they include luxury, midrange and budget lodges and hotels. Camping can also be done when visiting Jinja town.

Hotels in Jinja include Nile front cottages, Jinja Nile resort, 2 friends guesthouse, Lemala wild waters lodge, Impala suites hotel, Nile Village resort and spa, Nile Eden resort, The Haven, Gately on the Nile, Bilkon hotel, Kingfisher safaris resort Jinja, Source of the Nile hotel, Sunset hotel, Explorer river camp, Cool Breeze hotel among others.

These hotels offer international and local dishes to their guests when visiting Jinja town for adventure tours among other exciting visits.

How to get to Jinja

Jinja is located about 80 kilometers from Kampala and can be accessed by driving for about 2 hours.

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