Tourist attractions in Kibale national park

Tourist attractions in Kibale national park

Tourist attractions in Kibale national park: Kibale national park is an important eco-tourism and tourist destination found in western Uganda, kibale national park covers an area of 795 square kilometers lieing at the altitude range of 1100 meters to 1600 meters. The park protects the last remaining lowland and montane forests in Africa, it also shelters moist evergreen forest which makes it to be an important ecological system.

Kibale national park is a very exciting tourist destination which can be added to your safari to Queen Elizabeth national park, semuliki wildlife reserve and mountain Rwenzori national park. Kibale national park consist of numerous attractions which has attributed to being ranked as one of the top tourist destinations in Uganda and east Africa, these tractions include.


Kibale national park is a prominent habitant for primates in Uganda with the highest population of chimpanzees, kibale national park is generally covered by thick forest cover with big tall trees where primates habit, feed and build nests to sleep in. According to statistics kibale national park is a habitant to 13 spectacular species of primates that is chimpanzees, blue monkeys, black and white colobus monkeys, grey cheeked mangabey, and red tailed monkeys, L’Hoest’s Monkey, Ugandan Red Colobus Monkey and Central African Monkey. Among all these primates, chimpanzees have the largest population with 1450 chimpanzee individuals. Chimpanzees in kibale national park offers the most fascinating chimpanzee habituation and chimpanzee tracking experience and these are mostly done in kanyanchu. In kibale national park there is also nocturnal primates that is Pottos and bush babies which seem while on night forest walks.

Wildlife species

Kibale national park is not only a home to primates, the park is also a home to other wildlife species which habit in the thick forests featured around the park. Other animals in the park include elephants, golden cats, leopards, lions, serval cat, buffaloes, bush pig, peter’s and Harvey’s duiker, African palm civet, alexander’s cusimanse, marsh mongoose, warthogs, bushbucks, giant forest hogs, Sitatunga, swamp otter and many more. Sitatunga and swamp otter are seen near bigodi wetland sanctuary and an estimated elephant population of 500 elephants, golden cats, leopards, lions are occasionally seen migrating from Queen Elizabeth national park which is adjacent to kibale national park.


Kibale national park is an important birding site which is favored by the forested nature of the park, the park is a home to about 375 attractive colorful species with Ground Thrush bird species which are endemic to kibale national park. The park generally harbors forested bird species and migratory bird species which occasionally migrate from Queen Elizabeth national park and other neighboring areas, bird species seen in the park include western Tinker bird, African Grey parrot, Olive long-tailed Cuckoo, blue breasted kingfisher, yellow-rumped Tinkerbird, brown crested Alethe, red-chested owlet, red-faced woodland warbler, black bee-eater, Nahan’s francolin, little greenbul, little green bul, brown illadopsis, black-eared ground thrush, little green bul, yellow spotted Nicator, African pitta, black-capped Apalis, purple-breasted sun bird, white naped pigeon, African grey parrot and many others.

Spectacular vegetation

Kibale national park features a thick moist evergreen and semi-deciduous forest cover which consists of approximately 250 tree species, among these tree species there is some species which are endangered timber species such as cordia millenii, entandrophragma angolense, lovoa swynnertonni and many more. Other species include eucalyptus and pine trees. Though the park has lost a wide range of tree species due to logging which has been illegally done by the locals but due to numerous efforts this illegal activity has been stopped.


Kibale National Park is a home to authentic African culture, kibale national park is surrounded by settlements of 2 local groups that is bakiga and batooro. These communities offer numerous authentic African cultural activities like local dances and songs, local hand-made crafts through their association in the names of kibale association of rural environment development (KAFFRED).

Ndali-kasenda craters

Ndali-kasenda craters also referred to as kibale ndali kasenda crater lakes offer a tranquil scenic view, these lakes are situated near the park and can be visited as an additional to your safari in kibale national park. This area is dotted with a series of 60 stable and seasonal fresh water crater lakes filled with water, these lakes include Lake Nyamasingiri, Lake Ntambi, Lake Mubiro, Lake Nyanswinga, lake Nyinabulitwa, lake kifuruka, lake lyantonde, lake Nyinambuga, lake Nyabikere, lake nkuruba and many more.

Upon your visit on these lakes you get to enjoy beautiful thick vegetation, butterflies, and monkeys, sights of Rwenzori ranges and panoramic views of tea plantations. These lakes are not only beautiful but they harbor a beautiful legendary story behind their formation, legendary stories state that the lakes were formed by Ndahura a Chwezi ruler during the time when he had just fled from his kingdom after he was dethroned by his son wamala.

Butterfly species

Kibale national park is a home to approximately 250 colorful butterfly species which are seen in the park.

Where to stay in kibale national park

Kibale national park features a wide range of accommodation facilities both inside and outside park, these accommodation are so hospitable welcoming all visitors regardless of your status because they offer services tailor made to fit your needs. These facilities include primate lodge kibale (luxury), kanyanchu river camp, and sebitoli camping ground (for camping), Nyinabulitwa resort and safari camp, crater valley kibale lakeside resort, Lake Nkuruba nature reserve, chimp’s nest, kibale safari lodge, kibale forest camp, Mantana tented camp, safari hotel bigodi and many more.

Directions to kibale national park

Kibale national park is a very accessible national park situated in western Uganda with numerous route linking to it from Kampala the capital city of Uganda, from Kampala it is a 5 hours’ drive to the park covering a distance of 308.1 kilometers. When travelling to the park for a safari you either use road transport means or air transport means, kibale national park can be reached from the north and south direction. Using road transport the quicker and shorter route using the route leading to the northern region of the park through kanyanchu that is Kampala-mubende-fort portal route. Kampala-mbarara-kamwenge route leads to the southern region of the park, when using air means of transport domestic flights are available from Entebbe international airport and kajjansi airstrip to kasese airstrip.

 Conclusion: kibale national park is a very magical national park offering the most exciting chimpanzee habituation experience and chimpanzee tracking you can ever get in Uganda, the park is very fine tourist destination and when you visit it you will be amazed by its numerous attractions.

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