Tours to Kibale Crater Lakes

Tours to Kibale Crater Lakes

Tours to the kibale crater lakes are one of the most rewarding safaris you can ever have in Uganda with magnificent views from the top of the volcanic hills. The crater area is vast and dotted with quite a number of craters and Crater Lake. Some crater hikes of Kibale national park are short walks that can also be done by children and the elderly. The community walks are also rewarding as you get the chance to learn about the culture of the local community.

Kibale National Park area is within the Albertine rift valley and perhaps there was much volcanic activity centuries back, which led to the formation of the magnificent kibale crater lakes. Tours to Kibale Crater Lakes have, many times, supplemented the primate’s safaris to kibale national park. However, the crater lakes tours can also be a stand-alone itinerary.

The Tours to Kibale Crater Lakes involve thrilling activities such as hiking and visits the major three craters and mahoma falls which are the highlights of the crater region of kibale national park. The crater area is a beautiful verdant area located near kibale national park. It must be a place for you to visit during your vacation or safari to Uganda.

The landscape of the area is steeply sloping over the hillsides. The dirty trail to through the crater area of kibale creates a breath taking scenery with the amazing view of the flora and fauna of the area. Mahoma falls is near the magnificent lake mwamba located in Kabarole district. The Crater Lake area is highly fertile with alluvium that makes cultivation so possible with in the are. The land is highly cultivated. However, the shores of the crater lakes are inhabited by primates like monkeys and different bird species.

The kibale crater lakes include Lake Nyabulitwa, Lake Nyabikere, Lake Lyantonde, Lake Kasenda, Lake Nkuruba, Lake Kifuruka, and Lake Nyinambuga among others. The Crater Lake area is named “ndali kasenda crater region” from the famous and one of the major lakes in the region, Lake Kasenda. Lake nyinambuga makes and ideal spot for taking photography, lake nkuruba crater is the most breathtakingly beautiful among all the crater lakes of kibale area. It is bordered by a verdant forested area inhabited by black and white monkeys which sometimes, come out to the lake.

The crate tour

The crater lakes tour of kibale does not only include the visit to the Crater Lakes but it also involves other spectacular activities and beautiful sightseeing as they unfold along the crater lakes trail. There is a lot of thrilling items that are entailed in the Tours to Kibale Crater Lakes region also known as the ndali kasenda crater region. They include the following;

  • Mahoma falls visit is magnificent and part of the highlight of the Tours to Kibale Crater Lakes. You can reach mahoma falls after visiting about three craters along the kibale crater region trail, for about 2 hours. Mahoma falls always works as a refreshing point for you and your group from the long walk. Mahoma falls is located next to the spectacular lake mwamba, you can have an amazing shower of your life at the falls.
  • Community walk is another item that makes the Tours to Kibale Crater Lakes a full amazing package for you.  It involves visiting local communities along the crater trail on foot. It offers you an insight on the livelihood of the local communities around the ndali kasenda crater area of kibale national park.
  • Top of the world crater tour; this is the most exciting of all the activities of the crater tour package to kibale national park. It entails hiking to the crater point where you have almost a 360 degrees view over the kibale area and other craters below you. It really feels like standing on the top of the world. You have a really breathtaking view at the top of the world point during the Tours to Kibale Crater Lakes, and it includes views of the queen Elizabeth national park plains and the spectacular view of the mountains of the moon.
  • Canoeing tours can be conducted at Lake Mwamba & it is the best spot for canoeing. You can also get a chance to see a number of water bird species and forest monitor lizards at the shores of Lake Mwamba crater.

Other activities that entail in the tour of the kibale craters include motor cycling, tea farm and vanilla farm visits, mountain bike riding, visiting the toro kingdom and the food tour where you get a chance to taste food and fruits from the local community such as jackfruit, pineapple and mangoes among others.

Accommodation when on Tours to the kibale crater lakes

There is not a thing to worry about regarding where to stay for your tour of the kibale crater lakes. This is because the area is dotted with quite a range of accommodation facilities located in the nearby villages and others located near the crater lakes. The accommodation facilities range from bandas (grass thatched houses), community run accommodation projects for tourists and really luxury high-end lodges in fort portal town and kibale national park.

The accommodation facility have a really spectacular view since most of them are located overlooking the crater lakes, such as ndali lodge, Isunga lodge and chimpanzee forest guest house among others. Tours of kibale crater area should be a must do for your kibale national park itinerary.

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