Uganda Birding Safaris

Uganda Birding Safaris

Uganda Birding Safaris are the unique tour packages that take travelers on a safari to explore the different bird species in the country as they note down the new ones and their unique features. Uganda is no doubt the very best birding destination on the African continent. The wide range of bird species in Uganda is very much attributed to the wide variety of habitats ranging from swamps, open savannah, forests, among others. Uganda is blessed with a variety of bird species that are not found anywhere else in Africa, therefore your fantastic birding experience is assured in Uganda birding destinations where you can book Uganda birding safaris for you family or friends anytime. The birding safaris in Uganda are organized to give you a delightful experience with a focus on uniqueness and authenticity.

Uganda for many years has proved to be the most attractive country in Africa for avian safaris. Uganda has a unique selection of birdlife that inhabits its western border in the areas near the Congo and Rwanda border. All the destinations for birding safaris in Uganda are easily accessible and this also makes Uganda the best birding option. Uganda has over 1000 bird species found in the best areas of Uganda, the transitional area where the savannah of East Africa meets with the tropical forests of West Africa and the semi-arid in the north.

The wide range of avian life in Uganda is much attributed to the wide range of natural habitats in which the birds nest. Uganda sits on an altitude of 650m above sea level and 5000m above sea level. The variation in the landscape is a major attribute to the vegetation cover in Uganda which acts as the home for the different birdlife and other wild animals.

Birding destinations

The forests in western Uganda, tropical forests, are renowned habitats for birds are the best birding destinations in the country. The best tropical forests for birding safaris in Uganda includeSemliki, Budongo forest, Bwindi forest and Kibale forest among others. Besides, Kibale is still the best spot for forest during the birding in the magombe swamp. Kibale is a birders paradise and if you need to see and watch birds in a great wide range, Kibale is the place to be.

Lake Mburo National Park is also a good spot for the water and forest birds, you can also enjoy a wide variety of waterbirds during the Murchison boat ride at the bottom of the falls in Murchison falls national park. Queen Elizabeth is the most visited national park and loved by birders because the Kazinga boat ride provides life opportunity to see a lot of water birds along the shoreline of kazinga channel. Queen Elizabeth national park has over 600 species of birds which are recorded; you can also enjoy the forest birds in kyambura gorge.

Murchison falls national park is also another birding destination where you have a chance to see the most sought after birds in Uganda. The boat ride to the Albert delta is an opportunity for you to spot a lot of swamp birds including the prehistoric shoebill stork, hornbills and many more. Murchison fall is also a chance for you to see many birds of central African and the Albertine endemics.

Uganda birding uniqueness

You can find many usual birds in Uganda during your birding safari in Ugandan national park. but Uganda has its uniqueness because some birds are only found in Uganda and not in any other African country, for example, the fox weaver; almost 10%of the birds in east Africa are endemic to Uganda like seven of the 150 hornbill species, five honeyguide species, five of 20 bush family and 13 of the thrush species among others. To note, most forest birding specials in Uganda are of a West African and central African origin.

You can trust your travel consultant for the best birding safari in Uganda. You can book for you birding safari in Uganda any season of the year, however, you can have more birds to watch during the low tourism season, which is around November to early December, and it is the time to find the migratory birds in Uganda.

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