What Are The Intresting Facts About Gorillas?

What Are The Intresting Facts About Gorillas? Mountain gorillas are famous apes which attract many individuals to get out  of their comfort and travel to many different parts of the world and the best destinations where to see these endangered species is in countries like; Uganda within Bwindi impenetrable national park, Mgahinga Gorilla national park then in  Rwanda in Volcanoes national park and in the Democratic Republic of Congo and many others hence ranking Uganda to have the highest number of mountain gorillas compared to the other countries. More so, these gorillas are known to share almost 98% of their DNA with humans and to see these species, tourists always involve themselves in trekking through different trails within the game parks with an aim of trekking these species in their natural habitats.

Large population of people make effort to visit the above three countries throughout the year in order to get opportunities to see the rare endangered mountain gorillas. And in the context below; we will delve more about the intresting facts which make these species to be special and exciting to see and know about. Therefore, some of these facts include;

  • The endangered mountain gorillas live in high altitudes of mountains, dense forests, and mountainous forests as there good natural habitats.
  • Mountain Gorillas are social and friendly species among themselves due to the fact that they live in groups of about 3 to 30 species to the extent that it is rare to spot a gorilla alone by itself within the park.
  • More so, these groups/ families of the endangered mountain gorilla species, each group always have its leader which is always has to be a dominant male commonly referred to as a “silver back”. Therefore, these gorilla families are comprised of a male leader and many other females with their off springs.
  • Mountain gorillas are considered and ranked to be among the largest and strongest primate species within the parks.
  • And within their groups, both males and female species have the responsibility of taking care of their infants and this is usually noted when the species are spotted playing with the infants and while they are protecting from having an harm from other predators within the game parks.
  • And for one to see these species, will have to walk through different trails within the park as they being guided by a park guide whose role is to lead them through due to the fact they have a lot of knowledge about the mountain gorillas and they are also familiar with many different parts of the park, so it can be easy for them to track where the species are located. However, individuals are always advised to apply in some tricks it helps them to track the mountain gorillas easily and some of these tricks include; following trails with fresh foot prints of species, where there is food left over, broken tree branches and many others.

    What Are The Intresting Facts About Gorillas?
    Mountain gorillas
  • The endangered mountain gorillas feed on leaves, fruits, shoots insects and snails and many others as their food. however, the silver back being the leader has to feed first and then other members of the group can eat.
  • More so, being that silverbacks have a major role of protecting other species of the group. Therefore, they always fight anyone or anything that has intentions of harming the gorillas to the extent that this male dominant can even die for its members.
  • Endangered mountain gorillas are more intresting species that tourists would to encounter with due to the fact that they are friendly as long as their peace is not interrupted with any threats. More so, they share 98% of their DNA with humans and they are able to do some things that humans do and they are also prone to be affected by some similar diseases like humans do.
  • Mountain gorillas also can communicate with gestures, using unique sounds like; barking, they hoot, roar, struts with their legs, beat their chest and many others.
  • It is recorded that there is a total population of about 1080 mountain gorillas in the whole world. And the best destinations where to track these mountain gorillas is with three countries in different destinations like; Virunga national park, Volcanoes national park, Mgahinga Gorilla national park and in Bwindi Impenetrable national park which is known to be a home to the highest number of about 800 endangered mountain gorillas. And apart from the above mentioned facts, there is more to learn about the gorillas such as; they live upto 40 years and many others.

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