3 Days Chimpanzee Trekking in Kibale National Park

Why should I trek chimpanzees in Kibaale National Park in 2024?

Why should I trek chimpanzees in Kibaale National Park in 2024? As we closed 2023, in the very last week of December 2023, each day from Christmas day saw over 100 trekkers visit Kibaale National park for a chance to trek the mighty playful chimpanzees. An experience almost all trekkers said it was for the books and the best way to crown the year. And as we interacted with these trekkers, they shared some of the reasons they choose to trek chimpanzees in Kibaale forest and why they feel, everyone should get a chance to trek these chimpanzees in their habitat in 2024.

So here below is a listing of some of the reasons we think you should trek chimpanzees in Kibaale National Park in 2024.

  1. First of all just seeing chimpanzees go about their everyday life is a dream, a wonder and so surreal. It’s an experience of a lifetime. So it’s good that one gets to trek the chimpanzees whenever the chance arises.
  2. Also why you should trek in Kibaale National Park is because the park has the most chimpanzees in the region, boosting over 1500 chimpanzees that can be trekked on any given day. This means that on your trekking experience you will be assured to sight as many chimpanzees as you want.
  3. If you are trekking Kibaale National Park you will have a smooth trek because the park has well maintained trekking trails that are easy to trek and also make the whole experience less cumbersome.
  4. Because Kibaale National park has the most chimpanzees you meet the chimpanzees not far from your forest points, shortening your trekking time or lessening the time you spend on the activity. Which is a very good thing because you literally get to be in the forest for about 5 to 6 hours and use the rest of the day for other things.
  5. When you trek chimpanzees in Kibaale National Park you also have a chance to do other fun activities like bird watching in the Bigodi swamps, nature walks in the forests, community walks around and a couple of other fun things.
  6. The uniqueness of the Kibaale forest is another reason for you to trek chimpanzees in Kibaale National park; the forest is one of the oldest expanses to contain both lowland and montane forests. The forests consists of over 1000 tree species and various types of assorted vegetation.
  7. You, a trip to kibaale National park, can start out as a just a chimpanzee trekking trip; but if you have a good itinerary and time you can use your Uganda Safari to Kibaale to explore the whole region – through fort portal city, Rwenzori mountains, semiliki parks and other places.
  8. Kibaale National Park has most of the habituated chimpanzees in Uganda, meaning you be able to trek the chimps in confidence that they won’t get wild on you especially if you keep the rules and guidelines of the trekking; you will be assured to get a great experience.

Talking about the rules and guidelines of chimpanzee trekking, these are some of the rules that trekkers should follow as they embark on their trekking adventures.

Keep a 7 to 10 meter distance between you and the chimpanzees, don’t use flash cameras, don’t do anything that can harm the chimpanzees, don’t feed the chimpanzees, don’t squeenze, cough and eat infront of the chimpanzees, don’t touch the chimpanzees among other things,

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